The Styles Brothers

Jennifer Thomas was a regular 19 year old in las angelas, until she meets Harry styles and his twin brother Larry styles. When jennifer falls madly in love with harry, will larry ruin the whole thing? Or will he prevent their love from happening ?



5. Gigi, What do you know?


Gigi was sitting on her couch eating her hot pocket, while i was poking at it with my fork.

"Whats wrong. You usually finish first than me and get seconds" Gigi said looking at me. "Gigi, you were quiet at Mc Donalds. But you usually would speak after 5 minutes. We were there for an hour.Do.. do you know harry or know anything about him?" I asked her. She froze for a second and stared blankly at the floor. She didnt want to look at me and kept staring down. "Genesis, Tell me" I said. I only called her genesis when i was mad or serious about something.

"I-i-i cant" She finally spoke. "Gigi, i need to know who im dealing with" I said grabbing her hand. She took a deep sigh and spoke. "Before me and you met, I was friends with this girl Anna. Her and harry went out. He was loving and stuff, But she wasnt sure about what he was like at night. one day, she was coming home from a party and saw harry beating up a guy, practically killing him. She ran away in fear. They haven't spoke since then" Gigi told me quietly. "So, you think he's dangerous?" I said my voice weak. "Im not sure, but i don't trust him. Watch out, please?" Gigi said looking at me. "Ill be careful okay. Thank you for telling me gigi. You know i love you right?" I said smiling but i was hiding my fear.

"Yeah. and i love you too. Thats why i want you to be safe with harry. Try not to wear anything exposing" She said smiling. I laughed too, then the text came to my mind. "Oh yeah, gigi?" I asked. "What?" she responded. "Harry sent me a text that says 'Wear something cute'. What do you think that means" I told her showing her the text.

"It means he'll be having fun tommorow. Imma bout' to put a camera in your purse so i can spy on you" She joked. I fake laughed to hide my fear. Harry, beating up someone? Nah, i dont beleive he would do that. Well, i dont really know how he's really like, so i can't be one hundred percent sure.


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