The Styles Brothers

Jennifer Thomas was a regular 19 year old in las angelas, until she meets Harry styles and his twin brother Larry styles. When jennifer falls madly in love with harry, will larry ruin the whole thing? Or will he prevent their love from happening ?



4. At Genesis Place

Genesis has her own house. She moved out on her 19th birthday. Shes 20 years old now. Im going to live with her in a week. I started  packing my things 2 weeks ago.

When we reached her home, i got another text from harry. It said

"I was thinking about taking you to Corridoro Restaurant. What you think? ~Harry"

I responded quickly.

"Um... sure i've never been there before :) should be fun ~Jennifer"

I locked my screen and waited for Gigi (Genesis) to find her keys. "Got it" She said finally done rummaging through her purse. She separated the house key and put it in the lock. She opened the door and we walked in.

I dropped my purse on her Zebra print couch. GiGi has incredible style in furniture. She has a cheetah print bed sheet, a zebra print couch, and lots of cool paterns in her room. Her house is a two bedroom home so i will have my room all to myself and she has hers.

"Hey. I bought some food yesterday. Its in the fridge. Help yourself" Gigi said plopping down on the couch. "M'kay" i said going into the kitchen. I opened the fridge. Woah!!! She had soda, juice, Pudding, ham, cheese, and everything else! I took out a pack of Hot Pockets and opened it. I took BOTH pouches and put it in the microwave for 5 minutes.

"Hey Gigi you want a hot pocket?" I yelled from the kitchen. "Pop me one in the microwave" She replied. "Already in the microwave" I responded. "KayKay". I was walking around the kitchen on my phone checking instagram when a message came through. It was harry, again.

This message gave me shivers through my spine

"Yeah, it should ;) See you tommorow night. ~Harry"

I was staring to question our date. He wasn't like i thought. when we met he was so shy, sweet and cute. Now, through the messages, he sounds so....... Seductive, and only thinking about sex. My thoughts were intterupted by the microwave.

I went to the microwave and got a spatula and a two plates. I was a wussy at heat. If a little steam hits me, i squeal like a baby. I used the spatula to move the hotpockets on to the plates. When i was done, i walked to the couch and gave Gigi her plate. "Thanks boo" She said. My mind was still ringing from all the thoughts.

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