Hello Again

Amanda and her dad make the decision to more from New York to California to get away from all the problem and bad memories that they had there . But everything changes when their problems follow the, around.


2. Who's That

Chapter 2

A/N right before I start this chapter I just need to say that one direction (in this book) do not know each other , are not famous or anything !


I couldn't believe it , after moving house , state ! We tried it all and he still found me . I stayed sitting down at my table so that I could see his back , I was just going to have to wait for my dad to come back to the table , then we would make our plans. 

I saw dad walk back over to the table and I took a deep breath ready to explain , I had payed the bill so that we could leave straight away , I was not about to wait around.

"Are you ok Amanda ?" Dad sat down opposite me.

"No, we need to leave like now." I said looking up at him .

"Why what's wrong ? Amanda I'm not leaving until you explain !" I stood up and put my coat on.

"It's him dad , over there." I pointed over at his table , but he wasn't there . Where is he.  ?

"Amanda , sweetie , there's no one there ! Sit down , do you want some dessert? " I was beginning to panic now.


I ran straight out of the restaurant before anyone could stop me , I ran down the road for about 4 blocks , I needed to get away from here ! I stopped and sat down on the sidewalk. I began to think of the night.......


"Ok bye Amanda ! We're off. Happy birthday !" That was Lottie , bless her 

"Do you need a lift home ?" Lottie's mum shouted over at me.

"No thanks very much mrs Tomlinson but my dad will be here any second." I knew that my dad wouldn't be here for another good half an hour but I decided that I would wait anyway .

"We'll if your sure Hun , happy birthday !" Johanna shouted back

"Thanks Johanna. ! Bye. !" I watched as her car disappeared off into the distance .

I waited for half an hour for my dad and then decided that he wasn't coming , I stood up and began to walk home .

It was close on midnight now and I was really cold so I began to pick up the pace , I only had a few more blocks till I got home . 

I turned the corner to my street when I saw a huge figure standing there . 

"Sorry" I said as I walked past

"Hey , wait up !" He grabbed my arm 

"Ahh , that hurts , let go!" I tried to get out of his grasp but it wasn't working.

"Struggling will only make it worse" he stated before dragging me down an alley.

I managed to get out of his grip and I started to run. But I forgot that I happened to be wearing 8 inch heals and fell flat on my face.

"Ouch !" I screamed as I put my hand on my arm . It really hurt and it was stinging , I looked down and saw a puddle of blood forming on the ground. 

I screamed and immediately this guy was by my side .

"Who are you ! Get away from me!" I shouted at him before taking my shoes off and running home. 

"See you soon princess !" He shouted back at me .....


I was interrupted from my daydream by a scream .

"Amanda wait ! " it was my dad , I didn't want to deal with him right now .

I stood back up and began running , running towards Louis house , we had become closer recently and I knew that he would let me stay at his .

I turned down the familiar street and kept running I could see Louis house and made a sprint as I heard my dad give another plee for me to stop.

I had my eyes set on the house I turned the corner and I was met by the one person I never wanted to meet again.

It was him .

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