Hello Again

Amanda and her dad make the decision to more from New York to California to get away from all the problem and bad memories that they had there . But everything changes when their problems follow the, around.


7. Promise ? Always


"Louis? Is that you?" What is happening ?

"Niall let her go . NOW!" Louis shouted

Niall let go of me but I didn't leave his side 

"Amanda come to me now ." Louis had a worried look on his face . I went up to Louis.

"Louis what is your problem ?" I asked giving him a hug

"We are leaving , Niall is trouble , stay away."

Trouble ? What does he mean Nialls trouble ?

"Mate , I've changed , no one else has been hurt since  .. " Niall told Louis

I'm so confused ..

"Someone explain now ! Or I'm walking out that door and not coming back!" I demanded  

"Amanda sit down please" Louis said putting his arm round me 

I did what I was told , I wasn't In the mood for a fight tight now 

"Niall explain please , I want to be able to trust you ." I began to cry and I felt Niall immediately beside me.

 "Princess , this is hard for me to say " he stopped and looked me in the eye

"Before I tell you I want you to know that everything that has happened is behind me ."

I nodded and looked him in the eyes as he began to explain 

"We'll you see a few years ago when I was still in school I got mixed up with the wrong people and I , well I .."

"You what niall ?" I asked moving closer to him 

"Yea Niall tell her who you really are!" Louis shouted 

"Would you shut up Louis !" Niall shouted at him , I just gave Louis a look 

"What is it ?" I asked again

"We'll Amanda I , well , I went to prison for murder."

My mouth dropped . I stood up and walked away , again I looked in the mirror , what have I done ?

I sat down in the corner and began to cry I can't believe I almost fell in love with a murderer 

I could hear shouting from the kitchen but I blocked it out and continued to cry.

"Amanda ? Are you ok ?" I heard zayn ask .

"Zaynie?!" I looked up and went to give him a hug , I don't care what he's done I just need someone to be with me 

"Amanda I'm sorry , please forgive me ?" 

"I forgive you Zaynie " I kissed him but not like I had kissed niall , this was different , it was better?

"Now , why is my doll crying ? And why are niall and Louis screaming at each other ?" Zayn asked after we pulled away

The tears formed in my eyes again and I was immediately comforted by Zayn again.

"Niall , he , he , told me .."

Zayn gave an understanding sigh and hugged me tighter 

"Look doll , what he's done is behind him ! He did his time and I won't let him do anything again . I promise" 

"Zayn , I almost fell for a murder"

I couldn't speak right , I stuttered to every word.

"Amanda please don't worry about it , I love you doll"

He pulled me close and I took a deep breath , mmmm he smelt really nice.

"I love you too Zaynie" I pulled away from the hug and looked him in the eye. I love him , I'm 100% sure . I think 

We had eye contact for a minute before without thinking about it I leaned in to him and my hands reached for his hair . Our lips joined and I kissed him , he kissed me back it was perfect .

I can't go back to Niall . He's never made me feel like this , every time I see Zayn I get butterflies , niall never gives me butterflies. Or does he ?

We pulled away and zayn stood up.

"Come on doll , your going to have to speak to Niall sooner or later , don't worry I'll be here ". He gave me a reassuring smile and I took his outstretched hand.

"Promise ?" I asked

"Always" he replied 

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