Hello Again

Amanda and her dad make the decision to more from New York to California to get away from all the problem and bad memories that they had there . But everything changes when their problems follow the, around.


6. I'm Sorry

Chapter 5


"What are you doing ?" 

I dropped the box on the floor .

"Shit" I muttered

He walked over to me and cautiously i turned around to see zayn standing there with a plate of bacon and eggs .

"Emm I was just looking around." I said trying to cover my tracks. I gave him a smile and placed the box back into the cupboard .

"Looking around ? Don't you dare ever do that again ! Do you hear ?" My heart was beating a mile a minute as he threatened me.

I nodded quickly and stood up to face him. I looked him in the eye and said .

"I want to see my dad ." 

Bad idea .

I heard to plate drop and an arm swing back about to hit me.

I screamed .

Everything went black , what was happening ?


I woke up yesterday all alone in a dark room , I immediately spotted the door but of course it was locked. 

"Hungry?" I heard an Irish accent say outside the door .

" I want to see my daughter !" I shouted back

There was no reply but the door opened up . I couldn't make our who it was ! He walked further into the room again without saying a word.

"Who are you?" I demanded 

"Niall , Niall Horan. And yours ?"

"Peter. Now can I see my daughter ?" 

"We'll Peter , it's nice to meet you . I'm sure it would be possible for you to see your daughter again !" 

He left me alone in the room and I did what I've done a million times before , rub the rope on a sharp stone it was almost lose but I didn't want it to fall off . Just lose .

"Where are you taking me ?" I heard Amanda shout down the hall. 

"DAD ! " she shouted as she ran into the room. .

I stood up and went over to hug her "Amanda !" We embraced and that Niall boy came back into the room. 

"Are you ok Amanda ?" I saw the massive black eye that she had on her face .  

"It hurts a lot but they are looking after me." She gave me a smile but not one that was real. 

"Are you sure ?" 

"Yes dad ! Now look I have to go but ill see you soon ?" 

"Sure Amanda , see you soon " I gave her a kiss and she left the room . I just hope they won't hurt her.


I can't believe I did that to her , I feel horrible .

She's so pretty too and I don't want to lose her .

"It hurts a lot but they are looking after me" I heard Amanda say to her dad . 

My heart sank , I'd hurt her , she was suffering because of me ! 

"Bye dad!" I heard her say , now was my chance 

"Amanda wait! ". I shouted at her 

She froze and I ran over to her and put my arms out for a hug

"Please don't hurt me!" She shouted as she dropped to the floor. She was shaking and crying. Did I cause this ?

I put my arm around her and began to comfort her.

"Please don't cry doll. I swear I didn't mean it babe" 

She looked up at me with her eyes dripping with tears. ,  I literally feel horrible.

"Do you want to have a movie night ? To make up for well , this. ?" 

She wiped her eyes and nodded.

I took her upstairs with me and handed her one of my T-Shirts 

"Thanks Zayn, I appreciate it" she hugged me and this time it was meaningful.  I liked it.

I left her alone in the room to get changed and went down to the kitchen to talk to Niall.

"Hey mate !" Niall said as I walked into the kitchen 
" hey , look there something I need to ask you"
"What is it ?" Niall came over and sat beside me.

"We'll it's just that I was talking to Amanda and she's just well she's.." 

"She's what mate. ?" Here we go .

"She scared of us" I nervously scratched my neck 

"She's what ?" 

"Niall we've scared her ! We did this so we could get to know her better ! But now she hates us more than ever !" I said to Niall as I began to light a cigarette 

"Look mate don't worry.   ! I saw the way she's been looking at you. ! She loves you." 

"You think ?" My mood brightened a bit and I looked up from the floor .

" I know ." Nialler always knew how to make me smile 

"Right ill talk to her , but you know , I think we should let her dad go . I mean he was never part of the plan ! If I can win Amanda over , I think I can win Peter over as well !" I had a few ideas how I could do this 

"You think so ?" Niall asked

"I am pretty sure mate ." 

"We'll then Go for it!" 

I put down my cigarette and thanked Niall for his help before heading into the front room to grab a movie for Amanda and I. 

I decided on Up , ok I know that's a really kiddy movie but it was cute and easy watched , I need to talk to Amanda tonight .

I went back upstairs and walked into our room to see Amanda sitting on my bed in my t-shirt , she looked she beautiful and before my brain could think I said.

"You look so Gorgeous Amanda" I mentally face palmed myself , idiot. !

I looked up at her face to see her cheeks go a bright shade if Red  
She was so cute !

"We'll I picked Up ? I hope you like it " I gave her a smile and put it into the DVD player.

"Up ? You chose Up ? I love Up ! Thank you Zaynie !" Did she call me Zaynie ?

"Did you just call me Zaynie ?" 

She gave me a confused look and then said.

"Yes I did and no I am not taking it back ." We both laughed at her and then snuggled into bed the movie started and it was just perfect , I had to talk to her though about my feelings .

I picked up the remote and paused it .

 "Zaynie ? What are you doing ?" She said with the most innocent of smiles 

"Amanda I have to talk to you. " panic crossed her face 

"It's just that you remember that I told you the reason that you are here is because Niall really liked you ?"

"We'll yea ? It's kinda the reason I'm here ?"

I am so nervous my hands are sweating , why am I like this ? She's just a girl. !

"We'll Niall still likes you " I herd her sigh a deep sigh. "But the thing is , I don't know how to say this . Well here goes , I do as well , I well I guess I love you Amanda . There I said it , I love you"

Her mouth dropped open and she didn't say anything for a few seconds .

"Amanda please don't do this to

I was panicking even more now.

"I I I I love you too Zayn ,  but I just can't take this anymore " she got out of the bed and ran down the hall.

I felt devastated , I can't believe it .


I ran down the hall to the bathroom , I needed time to think about well everything 

So I love zayn , so much but he scares me , I'm scared of him ! He kidnapped me ! But on the other hand he can be so sweet and kind but he is also violent .

I don't know what to do anymore ! When he's been shirtless I've seen scars and Bruises on his perfect abs . See ! There's me falling for him again ! What do I do ?

I stood up from the floor and fixed up my face I looked in the mirror and just thought about everything that had happened . 

Wow my life is a mess .


"What was that ?" I shouted but it was just followed by another crash 

I ran out of the bathroom and down to where the crash had come from , it was from Zayn and my room .

What is he doing ? I opened the door to be greeted by something that if I didn't know better resembled a scrap yard 

"Zayn ?" I asked as he picked up the table from the bed ready to throw it.

I was grabbed from behind .

"PUT ME DOWN ! ZAYN STOP !" I screemed as I was dragged out of the room 

"Please Amanda calm down ! Zayn has these moments all the time don't worry babe" 

I hugged Niall tight "thank you." I looked up and locked eyes with him

"No problem beautiful "

We had awkward eye contact for 30 seconds before I dragged my eyes off him 

"Niall ?" I asked him

"Yes ?" He asked using his amazing accent

"I was wondering , zayn told me that you kidnapped me because you liked me ? I that true ?"

Niall went bright red  , he was so cute. .  Wait didn't zayn just tell me he loved me ?

"Amanda , there is no point lying , I did. But I really do love you " 

"I love you too niall" 

"Good , because it means I can do this" 

He leant in to me and I leant in as well , our lips locked. It was perfect , in everyway possible.  I heard the front door open and close but no one could bring me away from Niall .

"Hey niall mate ! Wow sorry ! Amanda ?" 

I stopped and looked up . 

"Niall how could you ?"

"Amanda get away from him !"


Ok so I'm super shit at uploading but like I had this whole chapter saved onto my phone and my phone broke ! Please don't hate me ! 

Thanks so much you guys 

Xx :)






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