Hello Again

Amanda and her dad make the decision to more from New York to California to get away from all the problem and bad memories that they had there . But everything changes when their problems follow the, around.


4. Good Morning

Chapter 4


I woke up strangely comfortable , I was warm and in bed .. How did that happen ? I looked down at myself and I was still filled dressed in the clothes I had worn to dinner that night .

I turned over in the bed , reluctant to get out to see quiffy in beside me . What the actual fuck! 

I was fully dressed but him on the other hand .. Well lets say that there was quite a lot on show ..

He was snoring gently , oh my , he is so cute ! those tattoos are amazing wait what was I saying ? He has just kidnapped me and my dad !

"Take a picture , it will last longer doll." Did he just call me doll ? Urgh , could he be more annoying ?

"Your disgusting you know ? What's your name anyways ?" I was kinda curious to be honest . I was getting tired of calling him quiffy

"Zayn , Zayn Malik , and yours ?" He gave me a wink . Urgh. But I swear I recognize that name from somewhere. 

"Amanda . and Why are you naked  may I ask ?" I had to ask I mean you can't just wake up and see a super hot naked guy beside you and not ask why !

"We'll after we got you back here , you were asleep still and we don't have a lot of rooms ." 

"So ? You could have slept on the sofa ?" I felt risky saying this , I mean he's just kidnaped me ..

"Your a bit cheeky , aren't we ? I am naked because I don't like sleeping with clothes on and I'm with you because your kind of cute ." 

Oh my god could he be more adorable ?

"Ok well I'm going to go find out how I can get home ." I stood up out of bed and immediately fell back down again.  

"Ok bad ideas doll . Your not very smart now ? Are you ?" 

"What do you mean!" I was angry at him.

"We'll first you aren't leaving here and second you have no strength ! You were just drugged , you need to rest for a few hours !"

"When can I go home then ?" I calmed down as I felt really weak

"Never ! I'm being serious !" 

"But why ?" 

"Because we'll Niall has a wee crush on you"

"Niall ? Who's Niall?" 

"Niall's the Irish one who's idea it was to kidnap you in the first place ! The one that you've been bumping into?"

Him? Why would he like me ? Why did he attack me ? I had so many questions .

"I want to see Niall." I said as confidently as I could , I needed to talk to him.

"Sure , he's probably eatting breakfast but I suppose he can come and talk" 

Zayn left the room , leaving me alone . I took this opportunity to explore and see if there was a key or anything I could use to get out of here !

I walked over to his bed side table to find loads of papers , they all were bills , I tossed them all aside.

I was beginning to think that I wasn't going to find anything so I moved over to his desk.

I started off looking in the cupboard under his desk , I discovered a load of video games. Typical guy . I was about to give up when I spotted a box behind all of them . 

Curious , I opened the box up to find out that it was locked.  I can't believe it ! I put the box back down and just as I walked over to the bed to sit down again , I spotted a shiny silver key sitting on the bookshelf. Maybe this opened it ?

I Walked over and picked up the key , it looked about the right size . I took it back over to the box and lifted it out , it was really heavy . I took another look at the key and shoved it into the lock . To my surprise it fit. I turned the key and I heard the lock click , I lifted the lid and was shocked at what I saw .

"Why does he have these. ?" I whispered to myself , I was too busy looking through the box to realize what was happening , I didn't hear anyone walk in ? 

 "what are you doing?" 

I heard the voice over at the door , 








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