Hello Again

Amanda and her dad make the decision to more from New York to California to get away from all the problem and bad memories that they had there . But everything changes when their problems follow the, around.


1. Bad Feelings


Amanda's POV

Finally , a new start . My dad and I have moved from New York to California ! I'm glad were moving , I just have so many bad memories back there in New York . The sort of Memories that would keep you up for hours thinking about .  Anyway ! We have bought a huge house right on the coast , it's beautiful and comes with it's own swimming pool ! How lucky am I ? 

"Amanda!" That was my dad shouting up the stairs

"What do you want dad?" I shouted back down

"Get down here ! I need help in the kitchen!" 

I reluctantly got up and dragged myself out of my room.  The house was a mess of boxes and furniture that didn't have a place to go yet. God I hate emptying boxes !

"What do you need me to do dad?" I asked a bit annoyed at him.

"Just unpack that box over there." He pointed over to a box sitting on the kitchen island. 

"Ok sure." I opened the box and saw that it was our cutlery , I took the box over to the cutlery drawer and began sorting. 

"So Amanda , what do you think I the house ?" 

"I suppose it's ok ." I don't know why he asked me that , I mean I've already been down with him to view it before .

"Good," he said , there was something bothering him . I could tell.

"Dad ? Is there something wrong ?"

"No , we'll I mean I'm just a bit worried is all ." 

"Why would you be worried ?" I stopped putting things away and went to his side . He gave me a hug and began talking again.

"What i-ff he followed us ?" Now I understood , it worried me to but I didn't want dad to know that it did .

"He won't dad ! We moved away so he wouldn't follow us. Besides he can't leave New York !" That wasn't strictly true , if he wanted to he could get out .

"I suppose , I worry is all." He still wasn't convinced though.

"Well don't ! Besides I'm starting school tomorrow and ill be able to meet new people in the area !" I was genuinely excited for school , mainly because I wasn't used to being suck in side all day ! I wanted to go out with my friends to clubs and pubs !

"We'll that will be good , I'm sure then that you will be able to do more then !" Dad was happier now that he knew I was fine , I suppose that's a parents job to 'worry' .

"It will ! Hey ! Why don't we go out for dinner ?" I was starving , and we didn't have any food In the house .

"Sure ! Sounds like a plan !" We stopped working and got dressed. I put on my favorite jeans and a wollen jumper . I mean I wasn't going anywhere special! 

I looked in the mirror and spotted the scar the whole way up my arm , I felt the tear well up in my eyes , as the memories came flooding back to me . That night , what should have been the happiest day of my teenage life , my sweet 16 , I should have been out with my Friends having fun , out being a teenager , I shouldn't have gone home alone , I should have waited for my dad to come get me . I starred at the scar as I remember that night .

"Amanda ! Are you ready!?" I heard dad shout up the stair , god the one thing that man didn't have , patience.

"Give me a few more minutes !" I was getting really annoyed at him now .

I rushed over to my dressing table And put on some basic makeup and put my hair up in a high ponytail , same as I did everyday .

I took one look at myself in there Mirror and was happy with what I saw . I'm ready I thought to myself.

When I went downstairs dad was already in the car waiting on me , I lifted my phone and my purse , put my phone in the purse and slung it over my shoulder. Ready .

I opened the front door , and locked it again when I was out. I ran down the drive and jumped into the car. "Nandos ?" Dad asked . "Of course. !" I said , I loved nandos but it always reminded me of , him.

We pulled up at the door and we both jumped out , something wasn't right , I could feel it , almost like someone was watching me .

"Are you ok Amanda ?" My dad asked as I closed my door.

"Yea , yea just the chills." I waved him off but I knew that something wasn't right , something was wrong.

We walked into the restaurant and I still felt a little uncomfortable but I tried to shake it off as I scanned my eyes over the menu. 

"See anything you fancy?" Dad asked as he closed his menu 

"Just my usual peri peri chicken please " I chirped up , the waitress came and took our order from us.

Dad and I talked for a while and our food came and we ate in silence. It wasn't an awkward silence though , it was , nice I guess.

When we had finished and our food had been taken away I could sense that someone was looking at me , I looked over at the table diagonally in front of me. There , with his back to be , it was him , he found me.

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