Harry Styles is my dad !

My name is Darcy Styles. Yes you heard me Darcy Styles. Harry Styles is my dad my father knocked up some random chick and she left me with him. I hate my life fans crowding over me , I go to a normal school and everyone in my school hates me because i wont take them to see my father the only people who has seen my father is my best friends , Erin, Ashleigh and Morgan .


18. what has happend ?

Niall's P.O.V


The room went dark, what had happend ?!?!?

I held onto Darcy as she moved closer to me , she held me tight and so did I.

*uncle Ni what's happening?" She whispered,

"IDK baby girl, let's head for the door," We jumped down from the sinks and went to the door , untill *BANG* Something had hit us both on the head....


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