Harry Styles is my dad !

My name is Darcy Styles. Yes you heard me Darcy Styles. Harry Styles is my dad my father knocked up some random chick and she left me with him. I hate my life fans crowding over me , I go to a normal school and everyone in my school hates me because i wont take them to see my father the only people who has seen my father is my best friends , Erin, Ashleigh and Morgan .


7. tracking

Harry's P.O.V


I ran about frantic hoping that my baby was ok.We made our way out the airport and caught a taxi. The taxi ride was really awkward nobudy said anything we only cried , we cried with all our might . The boys think of Darcy as a sister for than a niece.I had to get to Paul he loved Darcy as much as we did , he could track her number .

_Skip drive_

We ran up to the top of the flat.We found Paul.

"Paul!" i paused , "I need you to do a favor for me!" He suddenly appeared out of the kitchen.

"Why aren't yous on your plane?" He asked annoyed.

"It's Darcy she has been kidnapped , could you please track her phone ." I begged.

He took my phone and walked out of the kitchen.He came back an hour later.

"You track it Paul?" We asked at the same time.

"Yes she is in an old warehouse , And you need to get there quick that thing is falling  down , so g boys!" He shouted as he pushed us out the door.

"Thanks Paul !" i shouted as we left.

We finally got there we all split up , as soon as we got in i looked in a coubourd and there she was! 


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