Harry Styles is my dad !

My name is Darcy Styles. Yes you heard me Darcy Styles. Harry Styles is my dad my father knocked up some random chick and she left me with him. I hate my life fans crowding over me , I go to a normal school and everyone in my school hates me because i wont take them to see my father the only people who has seen my father is my best friends , Erin, Ashleigh and Morgan .


20. HOW?

Well the update is kinda late sorry....... I mean I am really sorry!

well anywhere here is an update and EMERGANCY A/N at bottom x so read xx



Liam P.O.V


A waiter came running over to us.

"Your friend... Niall and a Little girl has been taken we don't know where the kidnapper went but they have been gone for a while I walked into them they were crying then The lights went out I escaped but they never ! " She said frantically. We all got out of our seats at once.

"Sometimes I may be a looney but when somebody takes my niece Mr. BadGuy comes out!" Louis said walking out of the door , more like stomping then went the wrong way.

"HEY MATE WRONG WAY !" Zayn shouted Laughing , he soon apeared and gave Zayn a look and continued walking. We quickly all ran out of the door , of course I was the smartest and I phoned Niall.

1 ring

2 ring

3 ring

4 ring.....

"Hello?" I heard the Irish voice say.

"Where are yyou Niall?!?" I asked practically shouting.

"You won't believe me but I'm in Mexico..." He said Laughing

"How long away is that.....?" WAIT A MINUTE WHERE?!?! NO HE CAN'T BE !


So hey this is bit of an emergancy......

Anyway, I wont update until I get 1 fan 1 com 2 reads , For now on There will be stuff like that because I feel like I am writing a whole lot of bull shit if no one is like reading it....

And I don't like the feeling.

Anyway you will get your update once you reach your goal xx


P.S I'm not being mean but it does feel like that so don't take it the wrong people please xx

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