Harry Styles is my dad !

My name is Darcy Styles. Yes you heard me Darcy Styles. Harry Styles is my dad my father knocked up some random chick and she left me with him. I hate my life fans crowding over me , I go to a normal school and everyone in my school hates me because i wont take them to see my father the only people who has seen my father is my best friends , Erin, Ashleigh and Morgan .


12. happy life?

nobody's P.O.V


It's been weeks since Harry got stabbed and now he is better. Kyle hasn't bothered them or came anywhere anear them . Liam scared him off.

Harry's P.O.V


"I'm going to the shop !" I shouted while walking out the door , I got in my car and went to the lights. The lights changed then i moved , now i was whizzing down the road , I was spinning , then everthing went black.

Louis's P.O.V


My phone stated ringing , it was the causual ringtone but mines went meow , Harry decided to change it and I just haven't changed it since .

"Hello is this Louis Tomilson ?" the woman asked , who the hell is this .

"Yes, who is it ?"

"It's the nurse from the hospital you need to come quick your friend Harry has been in a accsident !" She said in a panicky voice , I hung up and grabbed the others out the door with me.

All the way to the hospital Darcy asked where we were going , I told her the hospital and her face went chalk white, the others soothed her and told her everthing will be ok .

When we got there we all ran inside and we got told to sit down , I do hope Harry is ok !

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