Harry Styles is my dad !

My name is Darcy Styles. Yes you heard me Darcy Styles. Harry Styles is my dad my father knocked up some random chick and she left me with him. I hate my life fans crowding over me , I go to a normal school and everyone in my school hates me because i wont take them to see my father the only people who has seen my father is my best friends , Erin, Ashleigh and Morgan .


10. getting home.

Harry's P.O.V


I know what i am going to do to get my payback, I will call the police I have the stab wound to prove it !

"Yo, mate want anything to eat ?" asked Zayn, "Harry?, Harold." 

"Oh yeah , yes please," I answered . 


"Dad , the doctor said you can go home now but we will need to help you ," Yes i can finally go home . Next thing all the boys were jumping about like crazy squealing  like little girls.

"Guys nock it off !" I said pushing them.

"Right come on mate and we'll help you up," Said Zayn and Niall , they helped me stand , and walk until we got a cab.

"I'm glad I'm outta there," I sighed with relief .

_Skip cab ride__

"Finally I'm home!" I shouted at the top of my voice.

"You've not lost your voice have you mate?" Asked Louis. I gave him a death glare.

Someone was standing at the front of the it was ...


Authors note


I know how you guys like a cliff hanger , so here is one for you !!!

hope you enjoyed!!!!!

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