Princess vampire (Harry Styles Vampire story)

Jade Winters was a normal teenager, that's what she thinks. Jade is a vampire princess, and her mom and dad sent her to an loving family until she turns 19. When that happens, she meets a boy named Harry Styles, she doesn't know he is the evil prince that father wants to kill the princess, but what if Jade falls for Harry, and Harry falls for Jade, find out by reading 'Princess vampire (Harry Styles vampire story)


4. oh, oh

Harry's POV: When I got home, my dad was waiting for me at the door, Harry, where were you, the princess is back, I'm going to capture her tonight," he said, I nodded, I went up to my room, thinking about Jade, she's so pretty, but oh well. Jade's POV: I was laying in my bed when my door opened to revale a man, a grabed me and put tabe over my mouth, I was comfused for a second, burt tjan I saw fangs in his mouth, aaah! He's the king! I got put on a bed, and tied up, "now, stay here, I'm going to get my son to vome and help," he said, tjan left. I was sitting here for a while now, than the door openedm to revale the king, and Harry, HARRY?! We were both shocked until he said, "Jade, your the princess?" I nodded, than the king came to me and jabed me with virvain, I screamed in pain, than Harry came andpushed his father down.I was almost dead, than Harry pullled off his fathers head, "Jade!" He yelled, he ran over to me and untid the ropes and picked me up and brought me to a room with a big bed in it, "Jade, I'm soo sory, I didn't know you were the princess, I'm sorry," he said, than he kissed me on the lips, than a tear fell from his eyes and went on my cheek, than he left.
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