Princess vampire (Harry Styles Vampire story)

Jade Winters was a normal teenager, that's what she thinks. Jade is a vampire princess, and her mom and dad sent her to an loving family until she turns 19. When that happens, she meets a boy named Harry Styles, she doesn't know he is the evil prince that father wants to kill the princess, but what if Jade falls for Harry, and Harry falls for Jade, find out by reading 'Princess vampire (Harry Styles vampire story)


3. meeting someone

When I woke up, I went to my bathroom and brushed my hair, got dressed into short, shorts, and a tank top that says 'SWAG' I went downstairs and I saw my mom, "um... could I were this?" I said, she looked at me than saif, "of course you could, you can were anything you'd like," "yea!!!" I yelled, she just laughed, "um... I'm going for a walk, is that okay with you?" I said, she nodded, than I left the castle. I went into the woods, ( yea there woods here) and I ran, then I bumped into something, or someone, I looked at what I bumped into, and I found a tall boy standing there looking at me, "sorry, here let me help you up," he said, than he helped me up, "thanks, I'm Jade, and yoy are?" I asked, "Harry, nice to meet y-" he was cut off by the bell ring, "what was that?" He said, but before he could say anything, I ran home. (It was short, I don't care, anyways, what do yoyu tjink is going to happen? Comment below. Stay beautiful.)
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