Princess vampire (Harry Styles Vampire story)

Jade Winters was a normal teenager, that's what she thinks. Jade is a vampire princess, and her mom and dad sent her to an loving family until she turns 19. When that happens, she meets a boy named Harry Styles, she doesn't know he is the evil prince that father wants to kill the princess, but what if Jade falls for Harry, and Harry falls for Jade, find out by reading 'Princess vampire (Harry Styles vampire story)


5. mate!?

I opened my eyes to see I was in a big room, I got up and went down stairs, "Hello?" I said, "someones in the house! Harry, come quick," a boy with stripes said/yelled, than there stood Harry, he looked at the boy, the boy pointed to me, Harry looked at me and yelled, Jade! Your alive!" He ran up to me and hugged me, "yea, and why? I thought your father killed me," I said, he looked sjock for a second, than he said, "y-your my mate?!" Wha? Omg! I'm his mate! "Wait, how do y-" I got cut off buy us screaming, I looked at my arm were it was hurting, I saw my mark, it changed. Omg! Harry looked at his arm and he looked at me, "um... did yoyr mark change?" He said, I nodded, he smiled, "I told you so," he said, I gave him a glare, "um... harry, who is she?" Stripey boy said, "um... the... princess,' he anwserd, he looked shock for a second, than nodded, harry came and picked me up and ran to the bedroom, he layed me down on the bed, he smiled at me, than went on top of me and strted kissing me, "I'm so glad i met you," he said, tjan started kissing again. We soon fell asleep. (Short chapter, but who cares? Stay beautiful.)
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