Princess vampire (Harry Styles Vampire story)

Jade Winters was a normal teenager, that's what she thinks. Jade is a vampire princess, and her mom and dad sent her to an loving family until she turns 19. When that happens, she meets a boy named Harry Styles, she doesn't know he is the evil prince that father wants to kill the princess, but what if Jade falls for Harry, and Harry falls for Jade, find out by reading 'Princess vampire (Harry Styles vampire story)


2. Big News

I was sleeping in my bed, dreaming about my birthday (witch is today!) until my mom yelled up "Jade,  time to get up," I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, I splashed water on my face and went down. "Surprise!!!" my mom and dad yelled, I jumped back a little, "happy birthday, Jade," they said, they handed me a box with a necklaces, "Thanks, mom and dad," I said. after that we had my friends over, I was getting dizzy, than I passed out, the last thing I heard was 'Oh oh' than I passed out.

When i woke up, I was in my room with my mom pacing back and forwards , "Mom, dad what happend?" I asked, they looked up and than my mom sat down and said, "Umm.... okay... when you were a baby your parents, your real parents gave you to me and they said when you turn 19, bring you back to the castle, Jade, your a vampire princess, and they gave you to us because there was trouble at the castle," my mom/Riley said, Oh.. well than lets get packing!!!" I said/screamed.

*Skip to castle*

When we got to the castle, the doors opened, "Goodbye pumpkin, call us latter k?" they said, i nodded, I went in I saw my real parents there waiting for me to come in. I went to my room and sat down. The rest of the day was me staying in my room, unpacking, eating dinner and going to bed.



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