Everly is a normal 18 year old, except for being a sister of The Wanted's Tom Parker.
One Day she makes a huge mistake. She falls in love with a member of One Direction , and she knows her brother will forbid it. She has to find a way to make her love work, and the only way is to stop the feud between The Wanted and One Direction , once and for all.


5. Who is it?

Nubia's POV

I drove to a near Walmart to buy munchies for an all nighter before we head to the hotel I reserved.

" So , finish telling me . What happened babe? " I asked Everly

" Well I think I've fallen in love.. " she said , kind of zoned out somehow.

" Are you serious ?! With who! " I was happy , she's in love again.

" I don't know .. "

" What do you mean you don't know? "

" Well, I don't . I don't know which one.. "

" WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHICH ONE? " My mouth dropped and I found the nearest parking spot and put the car on park.

" Well , I may have fallen in love with two guys .... from the same band .... from One Direction ... " OH MY GOD. No.

" Are you serious, you've got to be joking. "

" No .. Niall kissed me .. on the lips! and Zayn , what you saw back there, kissed my cheek. "

" You can't .. "

" I know .. I have their numbers, well Niall's atleast. Zayn said he would text me to meet up.. "

" I don't know what to say , what don't we got off and grab some food instead? " I smiled at her and it seemed to lighten my mood.

" Good because I'm starving ! " she said

We got off and entered Walmart. We grabbed a cart and almost filled half of it with chips, twizzlers,  gatorades, soda cans , ice cream ,  rice crispies , and just a bunch of junk. Then we went the movie section and picked 3 movies. P.S. I Love You ( Everly's Favorite ) , 42 and Sinister.

We payed , and went to the McDonalds Walmart has. I ordered for both of us. 40 chicken nuggets 3 McDoubles and 2 large fries. Just like old times..

It took us a long time to put everything away in my trunk , before we could head to the hotel. We ended up in the Falcon Ridge Hotel. The BEST most comfortable hotel I've ever been in.

I checked us in our suite. It has a queen size bed with a jacuzzi! haha.

We entered the room on the 9th floor and grabbed one of those things you put your suitcases on so we could bring up the food and everything. We kept getting rude stares but Everly and I were so carefree about it.

Once we did get everything in the room , which was a pain. We sorted everything out on the coffee table they have in the little livingroom they have in the suite. Between a couch and the Plasma.

" Ready for the best night of your life so far? " I asked her , enthusiastically.

" Yeah .. but I don't have any clothes !" she sounded bumbed out so I decided to go in the bedroom and grab pj's for myself and her.

" Everly! Come in ! I have clothes for you to borrow sweetie! " I yelled across the room. I heard footsteps and saw her running in .

" Omgg thanks!  " She told me , taking the clothes I had from my hands.

We changed quickly and ended up putting our in buns.

This feels alot like old times. We would have movie nights when our parents wouldn't be home. We saved so much money to be able to buy all the food and everything. It was worth it because we spent such a great time and we just became really good friends. We'd always put on our matching pj's , put our hair in buns and take off all our make up. I'm really glad we still spend time like this.

We folded our clothes and went back into the livingroom. I put P.S. I Love You first and settled down on the couch with a plate full of junkfood and a cup full of sugaryness.

I pressed play and right at that moment, someone knocked on the door.

" Who is it? " I yelled loud enough for someone to hear through the door.

" uh , pizza delivery for Nubia and Everly " a familiar voice said .

" What  the heck ? " I told Everly.

" You go open it! " she told me , a bit frightened.

" Fine " I answered back.

I walked towards the door, while Everly ran to the bathroom.

" Okay thanks Eve! I'll let you know when I get killed, just stay in there, ahaha. " I tell her.

" Oh shut it! "

" How do I know that you're not a psycho killer coming after 2 amazingly beautiful girls? " I said , foolishly.

" Just open the door, I have a surprise. " I'm scared now..

I opened the door a bit and saw ...


" Babe, what are you doing here alone? " He asks , giving me a kiss on my forehead.

" I'm not alone baby, I'm with Everly remember? "

" Oh yeah. " He closes the door and sits down on the couch.

As I was about to tell him something , another knock was heard on the door.

" Oh yeah , sweetie I invited a few other friends. " Justin tells me and I stop myself from exploding.

" Uh , baby , I told you Everly will be here and that I wanted to be alone with her. I need to tell her... remember? " My voice became angrier in every word.

 I end up going to the door , grinding my teeth and my left hand in a fist .

I open the door and I cannot believe who is at the door.

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