Everly is a normal 18 year old, except for being a sister of The Wanted's Tom Parker.
One Day she makes a huge mistake. She falls in love with a member of One Direction , and she knows her brother will forbid it. She has to find a way to make her love work, and the only way is to stop the feud between The Wanted and One Direction , once and for all.


1. Twitter

Everly's POV

"Hey Tom, what are you doing?" I ask my brother as we lay on the couch.

"Um, nothing .. " he answers, taking his eyes off his phone to look at me.

" Tooooom. " I say demandingly.

" What ? " He tells me , with a hint of annoyance .

" Can I see your phone pleeeeeease? " I ask him.

" Why? You have your own and yo- " I snatch his phone away before he finishes his sentence.

" Acacia Everly Parker, give me my phone back!" he yells as he chases me around the room.

"Why? Are you hiding something?" I ask , and his phone rings, signaling someone mentioned him in a tweet.

"I'm not kidding Everly, give it back. My phone is none of your damn business. " Tom says , still chasing me. I unlock his phone and enter Twitter to see who mentioned him.

     ' @Louis_Tomlinson : @Real_Liam_Payne @TomTheWanted I also heard he wets the bed. '

" W-W-Why are they saying this?" I ask him finally settling back down on the couch.

" I don't know, they just tweet dumb stuff like that. " he answers me and I give him back his phone.

 I get my phone out of my back pocket and enter Twitter. I began to type, furiously, which caused Tom to look over my shoulder.

"What are you writing?.." Tom's voice became a bit more serious.

"Giving those One Direction a piece of my own damn mind. " I answer back, still typing , about to finish.

"No! Stop! You're my little sister. I don't want you getting in MY business" he tells me , with a demanding tone in his voice. It reminded me of dad's ...

"Well, toooo late. I just did. " I told him as I pressed send and walked back to my room.

I heard Tom's phone ring , and I'm guessing he began to read it.

Zayn's POV

The lads and I are in the studio, producing our next album.

As we're  in the middle of a song , all our phone begin to ring at the same time. So, we stop recording and read a tweet we were mentioned in.

     ' @EverlyParker : @NiallOfficial @ZaynMalik @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne & @Louis_Tomlinson I don't know what makes you think that you can write rude tweets about @TheWanted , let alone my brother @TomTheWanted. I'm tired of seeing all of you fighting over stupid things, it's SO damn childish. This is bull-. All of this is bull- , and I don't think I'm the only one that thinks this way. Please stop talking about @SivaTheWanted @JayTheWanted @NathanTheWanted @MaxTheWanted & @TomTheWanted ALONE. '


The boys and I are scattered along two couches talking about an upcoming charity concert we're performing at with Simon.

"So, who else is performing at the concert?" Niall asks Simon

"Um , Beyonce , Adele , Justin " Niall's face lit up like a candle when Justin was mentioned. I don't know why he still can't get over him.. " Ariana , The Wanted, Little Mix , Big Ti- " Simon is unable to finish because of Louis' outburst.

" Th-Th-Th-The Wanted?! " Louis screams out.

"Yes.. The Wanted will be performing.  I know you're in some type of Twitter fight but you boys have to do this gig." Simon tells us sternly.

" Well , when is it?" Harry asks , using his fingers to go through his hair.

" Tomorrow night, This is why you have to go pack right now , you're flight is it at 12:OO. Exactly an hour and a half from now. " Simon finishes looking at his watch.

A wave of 'okay's' were heard across the room as we walked to our rooms to pack.


' Flight B45 will be closing in 10 minutes. ' a voice stated from the intercom.

We pass through security and enter the plane with 3 minutes to spare.

I hope the concert doesn't become a wreck , due to us and The Wanted. I'm actually a bit worried, I really wish we don't perform right after another. It's honestly nerve-wrecking , especially since Perrie will be there too.

Perrie had been my longest relationship of four years. I felt she was the one when I kissed her, hugged her, held her hand , cuddled with her .... everything. . People always complimented on how cute of a couple we were and that we would last a life-time. Boy, they were wrong.

When we broke up , I was gutted. She never told me the reason behind our breakup. Since she was the one that broke it off. But she still talks to me as if nothing happened between us. Which makes me think, was I as important to her as she was to me?

I doubt she'll let me know , anytime soon.

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