Everly is a normal 18 year old, except for being a sister of The Wanted's Tom Parker.
One Day she makes a huge mistake. She falls in love with a member of One Direction , and she knows her brother will forbid it. She has to find a way to make her love work, and the only way is to stop the feud between The Wanted and One Direction , once and for all.


3. Secret Revealed

Niall's POV

After our gig we headed to our dressing room, which was surprisingly right next to The Wanted's dressing room.

The lads and I were playing around and all of a sudden they started throwing water balloons at me. Once I felt the first one hit me, I ran across the room trying to find something to hide with but it was no use. I ended up running out of the room and they tried chasing me down, but I seemed to have a bit more speed than they do. I glanced behind me several times and I could see they were still after me. I glanced back one last time so they wouldn't see me go to the halfway on my left and as I kept running I felt my body collide with something else. I ended up falling down and tripping the purpose of my fall. I just saw a girl and tried to apologize.

" Oh my goodness, love. I'm sorry about it wa- " but as I looked in her eyes I noticed she was the girl from the audience. I stopped talking and helped her up. I told her my name and held out my hand and shook it, starring her name.

" Acacia " . I wanted to talk to her for a bit and maybe invite her to the dressing room, so I blurted something normal at the top of my head.

" uh, what brings you to the dressing rooms? " I ask.

" Well, I'm going to my brother's dressing room. " she responded flicking a piece of her hair behind her ear.

" Your brother pla- " before I could finish my sentence The Wanted came walking down the halfway whispering at each other and pointing at me. I was a tad scared because the lads had spotted following me when they saw me fall and now I was alone.

" Niall? Are you okay ? " she asks waving her hand in front of my face.

" Yeah uh sor -" I want able to finish my sentence because Tom from the wanted began to talk loudly in our direction.

" Everly! " Tom yelled. Who's Everly?

" Everly! " Tom said again, sounding louder because of how close he was to its now.

"Everly , what do you think you're doing, talking to him?! " Tom sounded furious.

" Just talking with a nice guy that accidentally bumped into me " Acacia is Everly? .. I'm plain out confused.

" Wait, your name is Everly? You said it was Acacia.. " I asked her.

"Well , it's both.. " she responded.

" Everly, you do know who you're talking to.... right? " Tom asked her.

" He said his name is Niall, so I suppose I'm talking to Niall. " Acacia responded.

" Yes, and do you know what band he's in? " Tom asked yet another question. What's up with him? Are they dating or something?

" The band that played after yours. Of course. " Everly sounded so calm right now.

" Correct, the band One Direction. " Tom told Acacia firmly. Hey jaw dropped, as if by surprise. What's going on here? ..

" Everly let's go. Now. " Tom told her. Everly.. Everly? Everly! It all makes sense now.

" Everly, Acacia . Whatever you liked to be called... were you the one that wrote that tweet about leaving The Wanted alone? " I asked her, fitting the pieces all together.

" Yeah.. " she responded, in a type of disappointed tone.

Tom put hits hand on her back and sorta gave her a push, suggesting to start walking, and she did. He didn't take his hand off of her back though. Wait, what did I just do?! Right, I'm in love with Tom's sister, and I think she might be in love with me too. Due to all those gestures she was throwing at me. Should I tell the boys though? ...



A/N : I wrote this chapter on my phone so it doesn't seem right. That's why there's alot of &quote things , they are replacing the actual quotes for some reason. I'm sorry. One I get on my laptop I'll edit it... Thank you for reading though. Please like, comment ideas or anything and please favorite this Movella! It would mean alot. (:

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