Everly is a normal 18 year old, except for being a sister of The Wanted's Tom Parker.
One Day she makes a huge mistake. She falls in love with a member of One Direction , and she knows her brother will forbid it. She has to find a way to make her love work, and the only way is to stop the feud between The Wanted and One Direction , once and for all.


15. Sadness and Happiness

* 3 months later. *

Tom's POV 

It's been three months since my sister left and I'm still broken. I went to London to see if I could find her, but no hope.. I gave up after two months because it was no use in going around the same places looking for the same person. I'll let her live her life how she wants to live it.. 

I took out a picture from her scrapbook and keep it with me everywhere. It's the picture mom took the first time I held Everly. I still cry every night at how much everything is killing me.

I've been acting different know and it's not hurting me but all of the band. Concerts and performances aren't the same anymore with out Everly there. It's like I lost half of my soul and I know I'm never getting it back.

" Mail is here. " Mac exclaims  coming into the kitchen where we were all eating.

" Bills , fan mail , fan mail , than you letter , Tom , fa - TOM?" He goes back tot he letter and hands it to me.

 ' To: Tom

   From: Everly'

 Was written in Everly's handwriting. 

I tear up the envelope and find a written letter. 

" Beloved Tom , 

I hope you're doing good. I miss you but I don't regret any choices I've made. 

When you walked back up the stairs I felt like you were walking away from my life and I couldn't take it. I ran back to the car and Niall took me to  Nubia. When Niall and the rest of the boys went back to the UK I tagged along.

What's the reason of staying if I don't have anyone here for me? 

I  just want to thank you for walking up those stairs because if you didn't , I wouldn't be as happy as I am right now. But I'm sorry if this breaks you in  any way.

This was actually your choice. And for once I was happy with it. 

I could've ran back up for you but I didn't and I left the same way you left me.

Maybe we see each other soon in a performance or something , if not Have a happy life and I wish the best for you and Kelsey. ( If you guys are still together ) 

     - Much Love , Everly xx "

The end .. 

I burst into tears knowing how happy Everly is , with out me.

Everly's POV

"Hey babe, what are we doing today? " I ask Niall.

" The boys wanted to go out sight seeing" He answers.

" Can I join? " I answer with a chuckle.

" Of course , princess " He kisses the top of my head.

Niall and have been together for 3 months. He's an amazing boyfriend.

We always go out with the boys and I feel like one of them. Like they actually want me there. 

They've started touring , starting with America and it's been crazy. I don't know how they can stand each other in a bus for this long , ha. 

I finally met Josh and he's hilarious! We've gotten really close and he's helping me learn how to play the drums.

At first Niall got extremely jealous that I was spending so much time with Josh but he got used to it. I mean we weren't doing anything wrong, right?

" We're leaving! " Niall tells me as I finish up putting my hair into a bun and get out of the bus, into the beautiful breezy day.

I love my life. 

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