Everly is a normal 18 year old, except for being a sister of The Wanted's Tom Parker.
One Day she makes a huge mistake. She falls in love with a member of One Direction , and she knows her brother will forbid it. She has to find a way to make her love work, and the only way is to stop the feud between The Wanted and One Direction , once and for all.


10. I'm over it

Tom's POV.

Everly has been out for the second night in a row , and I'm sure that she's not with Nubia. If she was , she would've tweeted on her day with her best friend like she always is.

" Hey Tom , let's go eat somewhere? " Siva asks me.

" Uh , yeah. Where? " I reply.

" I don't know , Jay is deciding. You have 5 minutes until we leave. "

" Okay I'll be ready by then, man."


" What is this place? " I ask , to anyone.

" The best steakhouse, like EVER. " Jay repsonds.

We all get off as Jay turns off the engine and gets out to lock the door.

We get into the restaurant and are taken to a booth. Order our drinks and wait.

" Hey , uh Tom? " Nathan , who is sitting in front of me, asks.

" Yeah, mate? "

" Don't look now , but I think that's your sister having dinner with Zayn Malik. "


" Are you joking with me?!"

" I'm serious , dude. Look for yourself. " Nat says again pointing to a close booth.

I turn and hear a laugh. Eve's laugh... No. No. No. No. No. Why in the hell would she be here? With Zayn?

I have to end this, now.

I stand up and feel hand on my wrist, pulling me back onto my seat.

" What do you think you're doing?" Max asks me , looking into my eyes.

" I need to take her , get her away form that scum. " I tell him and take his hand away from my wrist and walk away fast before he tries stopping me again.

I walk 2 booths ahead from us and to the right to Everly and Zayn.

They are in a deep conversation  , laughing their heads off. I slam my hands on the table and get their attention.

Zayn turns. " Can I hee... " He says as he looks up to me and realize it is me. Everly does the same.

" T- Tom .. what are you doing here?" Every asks, escaping all eye contact with me.

" Well , I was here to eat some food with the lads when Nat points out that you are here with him. " I throw Zayn a disgusted look.

" It's not as bad as you think Tom... stop treating me like a child."

" A child? Atleast a child would be honest and tell me where she actually is, not making me worried on where you are."

" You could've called me"

" You would have lied , if I asked you. "

" Tom stop. You're not dad. "

" i know I'm not dad. He would've acted 100 times worst than I am" I tell her with dead eyes , seeing tears brimming off her eyes. " Do you want me to act like him? " I pause .. " Because I can " I finish.

" STOP. Tom , I'm over trying to make you happy. " Everly tells me getting her clutch and scooting out of her side of the booth " I'm leaving, oh wait. WE are leaving. " She pushes her way through me, interlocks hers and Zayn's hand and leaves through the door.

She left ..

Zayn's POV.

We get into my car and she immediately bursts into tears.

I let her cry onto my chest as I move her body onto me and cuddle her.

" Everly? " I tell her.

" Y- Yeah? " She replies , trying her best to stop crying.

" What did you mean by he was acting like your dad? " I say ,  regretting my words afterwards.

Everly sits up , on my lap and wipes the tears off her cheeks before talking.

" My dad .. he was an alcoholic , druggy .. but he knew Tom was destined for success. If something wasn't done his way he would hurt us, beat us, once he even threatened to kill us. " A few more tears began to fall and I wiped them off before she continued " He always yelled behind closed doors. Tom and I actually planned to run away once , but we decided not to because we were afraid if we would have been caught. " she paused " That's why now I'm with Tom . Always. He protected me , stood up for me and took care of  me after everything. I looked up to him and he knew that. He was my superman and now he thinks he can control me .. and I'm tired of all the choices he makes for me"

" What about your mum? ... " I ask her.

" She was too afraid to ever do anything. Whenever our dad would hurt us he would usually get out of the room we were in the go watch tv, get beer or get high. So , in the meanwhile my mum would usually come out and come to our rescue ... after. " By the end of her talk , I felt like crying..

" Where's your dad now? "

" Dead. " Everly said it coldly. As if she didn't even give a damn about him.


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