Everly is a normal 18 year old, except for being a sister of The Wanted's Tom Parker.
One Day she makes a huge mistake. She falls in love with a member of One Direction , and she knows her brother will forbid it. She has to find a way to make her love work, and the only way is to stop the feud between The Wanted and One Direction , once and for all.


20. I lost him. I walked out.


Nubia's POV

" Are you ready? " I ask Eves opening the door. " Yeah , uh wait. " she says and walks towards the trashcan , pulling out a box. This confuses me because I have no idea what's in it. 

She walks back to the bed and sits down , opening the box. While I'm still by the doorway. " Wh- What is that? " I ask. " I- I don know.. Tom brought it in and when Niall came in he threw it in the trash can  and told me to not grab it. " " Then I don't think you should open it here, what if he walks in? " I ask her. " True , but where can I put it?" " Here, give it to me. I'll make it fit in my purse. " I walked towards the bed and she handed me the box. It took me several tries for it to finally get into my purse right and not look weird. I'm glad it did fit because Niall walked in a couple seconds later and I got a relieved stare from Eve. 

" Ready to go, princess?" Niall asked. I always thought it was cute when he called her that , i don't know why. " Uh , yeah. Can Nubia take me home? I have a few uh things to talk to her about. " Everly asked. Niall's face went through a mad phase before he answered but Everly didn't notice because she wasn't looking at him. " Of course, why not? " he gave her a kiss on the cheek befoe\re talking again. " See you when I get home. " and he walked out.


" What do you think is in the box? " I ask , after driving out of the hospital parking lot. " I don't know, but to be honest I'm kinda nervous. " Everly responds fidgeting with her hands. 

I get nervous too and begin to drive to a run down building's parking lot, where no one could find us. " Why are you stopping? " Everly asks placing her whole body towards me and placing her back to the door. " Here. " I say handing her the box and she rests it on her lap. I could see hesitation in her eyes seconds before she opens it. " Go ahead, it won't kill you. " I tell her placing my hand on her lap to quickly rub it and pull it away. 

I hear her sigh and whisper a ' here goes nothing. ' Then she opens the box. 

The first thing she pulled out was a piece of paper.. it looked pretty old and seemed to start getting a golden color to it. 

I wait patiently until she's done reading it, by then she's crying and I can't comfort her because I don't know what it's about. " What's wrong? " I finally ask.

Everly's POV

" What's wrong? " Nubia asks and I decide to re-read the letter in my hand, all over again aloud. 

' Tommy, 

If you're reading this letter it's probably because I died. 

First of all please don't be sad, baby. Things happen for a reason, maybe you don't know the reason for my death but I don't want you to stay up every night trying to figure it out . 

I'd rather have you stay up all those nights for your music. Your destiny. You're a beautiful singer and I would pay anything to hear you voice once again. You have a gift and I want that gift to help you be someone. So, promise me that you will be an artist whether it's a group or solo. You have a voice so let it be heard.

Another thing.. please take care of Everly. Protect her, help her and most importantly care for her. She needs someone to be there for her at all times since I can't anymore. Everything your dad is doing is disgusting and unforgivable. I'm sorry I could never stop him... I got out of his way alot just to make sure I would be healthy enough to take care of you guys for as long as I could , which did last for quiet a while.

This is why I'm telling you to be the singer you are so you can help support her for a while until she finds what she wants to do with her life. 

Make choices for her to the point where she cracks and understands to make her own choices. After she has cracked there's a book inside of this box. It's written to her. Once she looks at it she will understand why you did everything you did. This is all for her own good and I'm counting on you to make this all work, Tommy.

Remember the world is full of kings and queens , who blind your eyes and steal your dreams. So, take every chance and drop every fear.

I love you  both with all my heart and I know you will both get far in life, especially you , baby. 

   Truly , 

    Blaire Audrina Parker, xoxo. '

I cracked then and there. I could feel my mom here, hear her voice in every word. I miss her and reading this made me remember how much I loved her. It's crazy because I've always tried to get my mom out of my head. I didn't want her to affect anything in my life, same goes with my dad. This letter, this letter.. the reason why I walked out on my brother. 

" I lost him. I walked out. I- I- I need him.. I need to apologize. " I keep stuttering and having jumbled up words come out of my mouth. Words I didn't even know what they were. " Babe, babe, babe!" Nubia brings me back to reality, hands on my shoulders and eyes locked to mine. 

This was normal due to the fact I had panic attacks and she knew how to calm me down. 

We stay in the same position for a while until I can feel myself settle down a bit. 

I pull her hands off of me and grab the next thing in the box that had fallen during my panic attack. A notebook, Everly carefully drawn onto the cover. It was the heaviest notebook I've ever held in my hand! " Are you sure you want to do this? Now? After what just happened?" Nubia asks. I ignore her and open it anyways. 

" July 13, 1994 ;

My beautiful baby girl. you're almost here and I'm SO excited! They said you'll be here by 2 p.m.  9 hours to go! 

My contractions are becoming a whole lot stronger and the pain is becoming worst. I've decided to make you're birth a natural birth because you're beauty will be natural and I don't want anything to happen to you in the meantime. 

All my life I've been waiting to have a girl, but first I wanted Tom so he could protect you, make you feel safe when you least are. 

Tom is now 6 and is waiting like crazy in the waiting room , they're both pretty excited. We can't wait to bring you home and make you a part of our family. 

The doctor said I should stop writing, so I will. See you soon my little angel. xxx


Hello Again my angel, at approximately 3:48, weighing an exact 9 pounds and 5 ounces, you were brought into the world. 

As soon as I saw you I knew you were mine, with your teal eyes and dirty blond hair. You have dimples which I don't know where they came from since none of us have any. Lucky bunny. 

It is now 10:26 and I can see you and Tom rocking on that rocking chair at the end of the room. He hasn't stopped smiling since he laid eyes on you too and  I could hear him singing to you, Isn't She Lovely I believe. 

We're so blessed to have you in our lives now, even your father is the happiest he's ever been! haha well I can't wait to bring you home , to your nursery. Goodnight hunny, mummy loves you to the moon & back. xxx "

There's a small picture towards the bottom of the page, with ' our little family . ' with a drwn heart on the side. The picture had my mom on the bed with me on her arms , my dad sitting beside her and Tom with the cheesiest smile by mum's legs. Now I understand when people say a picture tells a thousand words. 

Tears fall down even more now. I begin to go through the book and noticed my mum wrote in  every single page, every single day of my life. It was her personal diary on me, her beautiful thoughts written on this book for me to keep. Every page ended with a ' Mummy loves you to the moon and back ' with a heart to the side. There were pictures in several pages, of course not in every single one of them. Just the ones that seemed most important.

My first tooth, Walk , birthday had alot of details on how proud she was of her ' little angel growing up so much '

I go to the last page and the last date is January 28, 2001. Which means she stopped writing when I was 6. 

This left me a little disappointed knowing she stopped writing.. I put the notebook away to read for another time and reach back for the box I left back onto the floor. To my surprise there was 1 more notebook in it. I grab them fast and skim through one of them and see it full starting where mum left off and ending on June 1, 2009. Three days before she died. 

I place the notebooks back into the box, carefully and close it. I want to read these on my own with no one around. 

" What happened? " Nubia asks me, finally. " Nothing, just stuff. Family stuff. Thanks for hiding the box for me. Can we please get out of here?" I ask her, wiping away most of my tears. She gives me a look, which I'm not sure what it's suppose to mean and she drives out of the parking lot, towards the hotel.

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