Everly is a normal 18 year old, except for being a sister of The Wanted's Tom Parker.
One Day she makes a huge mistake. She falls in love with a member of One Direction , and she knows her brother will forbid it. She has to find a way to make her love work, and the only way is to stop the feud between The Wanted and One Direction , once and for all.


17. Hospitals

Niall's POV

I run off stage and follow Everly.. I don't know what's gotten into her .. it's her birthday , what could've gone wrong?

I hear a door slam , and I know where it's coming from. 

I run to the door and try to open it. Locked. Fuck.

" EVERLY! EVERLY! OPEN THE DOOR!" I yell , banging my fists onto the door. But all I hear is silence. After continuous banging and screaming , Nubia runs by me with a pair of keys and opens the door, hands trembling. 

When the door opens I see my girlfriend sprawled across the floor with a gallon of bleach beside her.

" Oh no. " Nubia says and quickly takes out her phone. 

I hear her talking but all I do is try to pick Everly up and see if she's still breathing. 

I put my ear ob her chest and hear a slow beat. I begin to cry

" Niall? Niall! " Nubia calls.

" Y- Yeah?"  I answer.

" They'll be here quickly.. how is she doing? "

"  I can barely hear her heart beat. " 


We've been in the hospital for about 4 hours now..

Nubia and I left in the ambulance and the boys stayed to say good bye to the fans and apologize for the interruption in the concert.

Now we're all in the waiting room , most of us have puffy eyes and are unable to speak.

" N- Niall, don't you think we should call Tom? " Nubia asks me patting my back.

" No, he dissed her .. he doesn't deserve her... we've been alright without him. " I say back.

" He's her brother.. her only family. " She does have a point..

" Fine.. but if he tries anything I swear I'll kill him. " I say , anger in my eyes .

" Okay.. " Nubia says, walking off and calling Tom.

Tom's POV

Nubia told me to fly to a hospital in Toronto because of an emergency..

The only emergency would be Everly so I asked our manager to get me a jet trip to Toronto and he did, gladly. 

During the flight I cried.. alot. I missed my sister and to know that the next time I'd see her would be in a hospital..

I hope she gives me the chance to explain why I left that time .. 


I walk in the hospital doors and see all five members of One Direction in the waiting room along with Nubia and Justin.

As soon as Nubia sees me she runs to me and hugs me.. I guess I even missed Nubia.

" Anybody here for Miss. Parker? " A doctor says walking into the room. 

All eight of us walk close but Niall and I get closer.

" I'm her brother " I say. " I'm her boyfriend. " Niall says.. I still can't believe she has a boyfriend.

" Okay , Ms. Parker is fine . As a strong alkali bleach will break down organic tissue on contact. If you drink it you will damage the surface of your mouth and throat. When the bleach reaches your stomach it will react with your stomach acid. The result is an upset stomach and a release of some chlorine gas. The chlorine will do some damage to your throat, lungs, and nose as it escapes. 
If the bleach has fragrances etc added then there is a small chance of some liver and kidney damage when they are absorbed into the bloodstream.
The next time you go to the toilet you may find that your stools are white.
If you drink sufficient bleach it will destroy your stomach having displaced the stomach acid. If it breaches the stomach wall then death is pretty certain. If not treated quickly you would die . You can be kept alive without a stomach but it is extremely unpleasant." I didn't understand half of what he said .. " But in this case she did not drink one ounce for every 15 pounds. Although it did cause her vomiting and gastrointestinal discomfort... all of this has worn down and she will be able to go home in 2 days, if all her tests are positive. " The doctor finishes.

" Can we go see her?" Niall says. 

" Of course , now excuse me I must go help someone else. If you have any more questions, the nurse in her room will be glad to help. " Doctor said then walking away .

Niall began to walk and I stopped him in his tracks. " Uh , can I please go in first? I need tot ell her something and if she doesn't want to listen , it'll give me enough time to leave. " his nose flared and nodded. Great.

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