Everly is a normal 18 year old, except for being a sister of The Wanted's Tom Parker.
One Day she makes a huge mistake. She falls in love with a member of One Direction , and she knows her brother will forbid it. She has to find a way to make her love work, and the only way is to stop the feud between The Wanted and One Direction , once and for all.


16. Hate

* 2 Days Later *

Tonight the boys are performing in Toronto with 5SOS. 

They're in there dressing rooms right now getting ready. 

I'm in a private area with Nubia since Justin is performing tomorrow, and I didn't want to come alone.

" I've gotta tell you something , babe. " Nubia tells me , which makes me tense up.

" You know how Justin and I have been together for about a year now? " She asks. Oh please don't break up , please don't break up.

" Last night , he took me to our first date here in Toronto  " he broke up with her. " He proposed!" She squeals pulling out her left hand that was hidden in her pocket. 

The ring was beautiful. It had a huge diamond in the middle and a thick band with ' Nubia and Justin Forever ' engraved onto it. 

" It's gorgeous! " I tell her embracing her into the tightest hug. 

" I;m so happy for you . " I tell her as I unwrap my hands from around her body and shed a tear. 

" Aww, don't cry . You're going to walk me down the aisle! " She tells me, crying.

" Seriously?! What about your dad? " I ask.

" He doesn't want anything to do with me anymore... Everytime I call or show up at his door step , he's drunk or high. I don't want him in my wedding if he's like that. I'd rather have my sister walk me down the aisle. " She says referring to me.

I hug  her again out of pure happiness. My best friend is getting married and I'm walking her down the aisle. Can this get any better?

" Don't think I forgot your birthday baby. " She tells me pulling something out of her purse. A smaller bag.

I opened it and found a $200 gift card to Cotton On , a Cookies & Creme Hershey Bar .. she knows me so well haha and a new phone case? 

" Look what's on the back . " She points out.

I look and it's the first picture we ever took and a recent picture of us. I start to cry even more. 

" Thank  you SO much , I love  you sister. " I tell her and she hugs me 

" Now put it on your phone and wipe those tears. A princess can't cry on her birthday" she tells me , smiling.

I replace my new phone case with my old one. Perfect. I hug her one last time then the concert interlude began.

After a few songs Nubia got a call.

" Uh , Everly follow me! " she says.

" But they're not even halfway into the concert! " I tell her.

" Just come on! " She says yanking me out of my chair. I hate her for being stronger. 

She takes me all around the arena until we're backstage.

" I can't really enjoy the concert , If we're looking at it from a side. " I tell her irritated. 

:" Just shut up! " she tells me " You'll thank me for this. She moves my head so I'm looking at Niall . He's coming towards me. 

" Babe , you're doing a concert! " I tell him.

" I don't care. " He says and pulls me on stage.

I tense up knowing millions of eyes are on me, which I don't like. 

" Okay , you guys we'd like you to introduce to you guys , my beautiful girlfriend. " Niall says and everyone ' aww's ' even Harry. " I don't think many of you know what today is her 19th birthday. " Niall finishes. 

" So in behalf of today being her birthday we'd like to sing to her and on top of that the lads & I have picked a song we'd love to sing to her. Even if it's not one of our songs. " Harry says 

"So on the count of 3 we'll sing Happy Birthday, ready? " Louis asked and the arena was filled with teenage screams. 

" Okay 1! " Liam Said.

" 2! " Zayn said.

" 3! " All of the boys said at once 

" Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. " Everyone , all around started singing.

"Happy birthday dear Everly " Louis said Caca, that's been his nickname for me since he found out my second name is Acacia. 

" Happy birthday to youuuuuuu. " They finished .

" Okay , okay . Everyone settle down. Everly, who's going to sing first? " Liam asked.

"Uh , say a number between 1 - 20 . The closest , of course, goes first." 

" Waaaaait, you have to tell someone your number so we know you aren't cheating! " Zayn exclaimed. 

" Fine.. Nubia! " I yelled and she ran to me. I told her my number and she nodded.

" 5! " - Harry.

" 10! " - Louis.

" 1! " -Niall . He picked that number because he knows I never pick the first number, but one of these days I will. 

" 17! " - Liam.

" 15! " - Zayn. 

" ooooh Zayn, Your first! ": Nubia says.

" Whatever, I wanted to go first anyways. " He says , receiving a chuckle out of all of the boys , Nubia , me and probably the rest of the arena.

They sit me on a bean bag chair they probably got from the bus and Zayn sat behind me, and started singing to ' Thinkin Bout You ' by Frank Ocean. 

Halfway through the song , I get a gut feeling. Like this song is suppose to mean something.. everything. 

I try to push the thought to the back of my head after Zayn finished and gave me a hug and a peck on cheek.

Louis volunteered to be next. Singing ' Ordinary People ' by John Legend..

I loved how he sang it , his voice just lit up more everytime I would hear him sing it. I know it's a love song but we all know he just has the voice to rock it. It was incredible , then he made a speech on how he can calm me a sister , always being there for him. I cried and he came gave me a bug bear hug and kiss on the cheek.

" Who's next? " I ask , wiping away a few tears.

Liam , Harry & Niall just pointed at each other and I decided I spin around and who ever a point at is next. 

I couldn't say no because everyone in the audience was pressuring me into it, I was really scared I would fall , but what the heck it's just once right?  

I spun I don't know how many times but I felt dizzy by the way I almost kept falling. 

" You guys scream , or I'll never find anyone " I tell them and they immediately begin screaming. 

I hear a deeper scream and I think it's Harry's so I walk that way. But to my surprise it was Liam ... 

" Okay .. I'm going to sing one of our songs because I couldn't really find one that I felt was good enough for you. " Liam tells me.  I aww and he smiles before starting to sing ' Little Things. '

He sang it really good and wouldn't take that beautiful smile off his face.

After he finished he did as all the other boys did and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. 

" I love you Everly, Happy birthday. " He says , in a friendly way  and I respond back with an ' I love you ' and kiss on his cheek. 

" Erm , I think Niall should go next. " Harry says , quickly.

" No way! Best for last, mate. " Niall responded.

" That's why you should go next! " Harry said , laughing.

" That's not funny.. " Niall pretends to be mad.

" Why don't we tweet the fans? The boy with the most votes goes first, deal? " I told them as I grab my phone out of my back pocket. The boys nodded.

" oooh , is that a new case? " Zayn asks.

" Yeah . " I say smiling and looking towards Nubia who's right next to me. " My best friend made it for me" I finished giving her a hug.

I looked back onto my phone and pressed the Twitter application and typed in :

 ' @EverlyParker : So for those out there who don't know Harry & Niall are fighting  on who should sing to me last, so I'll let all of you choose. Favorite this for Niall and Retweet for Harry. Hurry! You'll only have 5 minutes! xx '

" Sent  " I said into my microphone. 

Through out those 5 minutes the lads were answering Twitter questions like they always do , to kill time. Nubia and I sat on the bean bag chairs and looked at all the re tweets and favorites on my tweet. 

I went through Twitter just for fun and saw #retweetharry and #favoriteniall trending. I interrupted the boys in a response and told them about it. 

But as I continued to look through the app I saw my name mentioned many times, so I clicked on one tweet to see what they were talking about.

 ' So you betrayed your brother with his enemy and you still tweet about? Slut. '

 ' You should just die now, Niall probably feels bad for you and that's the only reason you're together. '

 ' You broke your brother and you think you still deserve love, haha. You're funny! (; '

 ' Drink bleach & die '

" Woah princess, why are you crying? " Niall tells me. 

I didn't notice him, my crying or anything else right now. I was a punching bag to alot of people right now and I was hurt.

I didn't care about anyone right now , I ran off stage and went somewhere where I could be alone. No one there just me , silence and my tears.

Tom's POV

I was about to send Everly a ' Happy Birthday ' tweet even if she didn't want to see it. But as I clocked on her profile I saw so many rude comments, directly to her. 

I want to do something, I need to do something. But again she's said she regrets nothing and is happy with her life so why should I butt in? I'll just let her boyfriend handle it for her.


Author's Note : Sorry it's only Tom's & Everly's Point of View .. it's just because the drama is more between them two than anyone else. But it'll change up soon, don't worry! (:

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