Everly is a normal 18 year old, except for being a sister of The Wanted's Tom Parker.
One Day she makes a huge mistake. She falls in love with a member of One Direction , and she knows her brother will forbid it. She has to find a way to make her love work, and the only way is to stop the feud between The Wanted and One Direction , once and for all.


9. Dinner?

Me : Hello?

Louis : Hey Perrie.

Is this a joke or something ?! Why is he calling?

Me : Louis , I'm sorta busy right now. If you want to tell me something , say it NOW.

Louis : I just want to hang out.

Me : What makes you think I want to hang out with you right now Louis?

Louis : Because .. it's almost Mina's birthday and I need your help in picking something out.

Mina , Mina , Mina? ... Mina! His sister!

Me : Fine , when?

Louis : I'll pick you up at 4, is that fine?

Me : Yeah , yeah. I'll text you my address.

Louis : Okay! See you later.

Me : Bye.

" Who was that? " Viva asked , taking a sip from her double cappuccino maceato.

" Louis " I answer.

" Louis ? Tomlinson? "  could sense a smile forming on her lips.

" Yeah, why Viva?"

" I - I'm just asking. " she responds , not looking me in the eyes

"   Vivaaa? "

" I just, I ... Can I come along? " Viva began playing with her fingers.

" Uh , not today babe , there's something going on that I don't know about and I don't want to make you involved. Maybe next time? "

" Sure ... " Her smile's curves were made upside down.

" I'm sorry . " I place my hand on hers and rub my thumb around it.


Louis'  POV.

I drive up to Perrie's house, turn the engine off and walk to her door.

I ring the doorbell and within a minute she opens and we walk up to car. I walk to her door and open it and close it once she's in.

I jog back to my door and start the engine again, to start driving out of the driveway.

Somewhere far from Los Angeles.


" Louis, we're 6 miles away from Los Angeles, where are you planning on taking me?" Perrie asks facing her whole body towards me.

" Perrie, I'll be honest. Zayn is lost without you and he ha- "

" ZAYN?! Is this what this actually about?"  She yells at me , disabling me from finishing my sentence.

" Listen! We're far from Los Angeles right now. Do you want me to drop you off right here or hear me out?"

" Talk . " She coughs out , rudely.

" Okay , so first of all ... you have to tell me the real reason why you broke up with Zayn. The REAL answer. "

" Well , I love him , with all my heart but it wasn't my decision . "

" What do you mean,  it wasn't your decision?! "

" My , my. " She sighed and shut her eyes tight " My mom , she doesn't think he's good enough, like he's an obstacle in my career. " She said , tears starting to fall down her cheeks.

" Oh , love " I say pulling over and grasping her into a hug " don't worry , I'll fix this. You guys are perfect and neither of you deserve to be in this situation if you both truly love each other.

I kept soothing her and letting her bawl her eyes out on my shirt.


Niall's POV.

" Hey , Everly? " I ask her a bit timidly

" Yeah Niall ? "

" I was wondering if you wanted to go out to do something tonight? "

" Oh , Niall ... I sort of already have plans with Zayn.. Sorry " She tells me with honest eyes.

" Oh no , it's fine. Don't worry. " She walks up to me rubs my arm and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

" I'm sorry. " She leaves and enters the hotel room.

Zayn's POV.

I asked Everly out to dinner after breakfast and she agreed. I'm hoping to take her to Texas Roadhouse, I heard it's good , so  I decided to go back to our hotel to get dressed.


 I dressed in a white buttoned up shirt with sleeves that go down to my elbows, black skinny jeans and my black all-star converse.

 I grab my phone , wallet and keys that were placed on the entrance table, stash my wallet and phone in my pocket  and jog into the car to start the engine. Within 20 minutes of driving I come into Nubia's hotel and go in to get Everly.


" What would you guys like to drink ? " our waitress asks us.

" Dr. Pepper. " I say.

" Sierra Mist. " Everly says.

" Are you guys ready to order? " Our waitress asks again. Everly nods , which suggests that she's okay.

" I'll have the baby back ribs, with potatoes and broccoli. " I tell her handing her my menu.

" 8 - ounce steak " Everly says.

" How would you like it? " The waitress asks her

" Medium - rare , and mashed potatoes with a side salad. " Everly finishes.

" Okay , I'll put that in. " the waitress said taking our menus with her , into the kitchen.


Author's Note : Hey sorry I didn't actually write alot about the day . I just didn't know what to write so I skipped ahead. I'm hoping I don't have to do that in the next chapter which will be uploaded soon! (:

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