Everly is a normal 18 year old, except for being a sister of The Wanted's Tom Parker.
One Day she makes a huge mistake. She falls in love with a member of One Direction , and she knows her brother will forbid it. She has to find a way to make her love work, and the only way is to stop the feud between The Wanted and One Direction , once and for all.


4. 2 in 1

Everly's POV

We walked back and saw that Niall went into the the dressing room next to ours. This might be my chance to make a move.

" Why were you talking to him?" Tom asked me , angry.

" Because he was running along the corridor and I wasn't looking and he wasn't either so we sort of bumped into each other, he was just being nice.. " Tom was shaking his face, disappointment in his eyes. " It's not like I like him ." I was lying through my teeth.

"Okay, okay , okay.. don't let this happen again! We're straight up enemies and I don't think it'll change anytime soon. " I hope it does.

" Okay, I promise it won't happen again " I said lying to his face again.

I wasn't use to lying to him, we're always honest to each other and this is kind of hard for me.

" How about we go and eat somewhere, anywhere. To get our minds off of everything Eves? " Tom asked me .  I looked at Ireland to make sure she wanted to go to because I didn't wanna go alone. She nodded.

"Okay Tom . " He smiled and I began to play with my phone.

"Uh, Everly? " Tom  said.

" Yeah Tom? " I said taking my eyes off my phone .

" We need to go to the stage again , can you stay here? " He ask innocently

" Sure, anything . " I threw a smile at him.

" Thanks love. " He said and kissed the top of my forehead. " I love you little sis. " He smiled and rummaged my hair.

" Hey ! Tom!  Ugh. " He chuckled and left with the rest of the band, out the door.

I sat on the couch with Ireland and sort of smiled , while in the inside I was thinking of Niall. But why? Why did I find him so attractive? His eyes as beautiful as the see, his speaking so sexy and just everything about him.. Why did I have to like HIM? A member of One Direction? I have to talk to him.. I have to go to his dressing room . He may be able to help me en-

" Everly , why are you smiling so much? You're creeping me out like in the hallway.... I know! It's that boy isn't it? " He asked grinning. All I could do was smile.

I just got up and went towards the door to go in his dressing room. It may be my only chance. Better to grab it now while he's here.

I knocked on the door and looked to both of my sides to make Tom , Siva, Jay, Max or Nathan wasn't coming.

A couple seconds later someone opened the door. It was the taller one of the group, with the curls.

" mmm , who might you be? " He asked biting his lip and winking at me.

" Uh, back off. Is Niall here? " I ask him sternly

" So , you like Irish men? Okay , I gotcha, " he told me looking me up and down.

" Didn't your mum ever teach you manners? " I ask him a little too loudly.

" Gosh , I was kidding.. I have an acting role and my character is flirty.. sorry if I disrespected you. "

" Well warn me before of time , and I asked for Niall. Is here? " I ask again.

" Uh yeah , come in .. " The guy led me in .

" Sorry, I still am. " He held out his hand " Harry " he told me .

i shook it " Everly . " I respond

 " Now I remember! You're that girl on Twitter. What? Did your brother tell you to come so you ca- " Niall interrupted Harry.

" Quit it Harry. " he said. " Why don't we go outside , someplace quieter ? " He asked me holding onto my hand.

" Um , okay .. " He pulled my hand closer to him and opened a back door in his dressing room. We found a bench and we sat down . It was quiet for a while , awkward a bit.

" Niall, do you believe in love at first sight? .. " I blurted out without thinking . Omg what did I just say!

" Uh , yeah . But you have to be ready for what happens. Why?" He asks looking at the star then back at me.

" No , I'm just asking .. " I looked at the ground. He put his finger under my chin and pulled me towards him.. sadly , I let him.

He pushed my head closer till we were about an inch apart. We looked into each other's eyes and I became lost in his beautiful deep blue eyes.

 He moved closer, and I know where this was going. I did the same... In a couple of seconds our lips were attached and I felt his lips so soft and tender.

" I- I- I- I-m s- s- sorry. I'm sorry " He could barely make out his words.

" Don't be "  I said and put my lips on his sweet tender ones once more, noticing him smiling.

It lasted a few more seconds and I remembered that Tom might be in the dressing room already.

I pulled away . " I - I have to go. Tom would kill me. " I told him .

" Uh , can I have your number ? " Niall asked so cute and innocent, biting his lip.

" Sure . " It made me smile.

 I gave him my number and ran back inside. Tom could never know about this, NO ONE CAN. Tom would kill me if he found out.

When I entered the room Ireland came up to me practically screaming in my ear.


" Don't worry . None of your business." Ireland ended up looking offended. Like usual.

Ireland and I don't have a lot in common... atleast not anymore. I only bring her to stuff like this because I don't know who else to bring. She's a little girly and reallly pushy.

I just go around her a flop on the couch. I grab my phone and notice 23 new text messages.

20 from Ireland of course.. 1 from Niall and TWO FROM NUBIA!  Omgggg I miss her!

Nubia is my very bestest best friend. We grew up together, you could say we were actual sisters switching houses every day. I miss her. She moved to New York to become a dancer on Broadway and she's going out with Just Bieber! They're a reallllly cute couple.

 ' Hey , it's Niall . (: xx

     - Niall '

' Hey (: Did your mates ask about me when you came back? xD

     - Everly '

He actually texted me ! Ahhhh.

' Hey Girl! What are you up to tonight? Justin and I are in town for one of his promotions and I want to see you! Message ,e back right away ! (: xx Love you.

     - Nubia '

' Hey! What's up with you ? Are you dead? ._. Yes? No? Okay bye.

     - Nubia '

Omgg that butthole aha!

' I'm not dead ! I'm alive and sexy, if I do say myself . (; aha

 Tom is taking the band , Ireland -.- and I to go eat , wanna join? (: x

     - Everly

Right as I was going to put my phone down beside me , it rang.  A text.

' They said " I didn't think you had it in you mate"  haha but it was nice while it lasted!

     - Niall. '

haha those freaks... Tom came in the room so I sent a quick reply.

 ' Don't tell them anything, because people can find out. Promise? :b

     - Everly . '

Nubia texted back so I decided to click on her message quick before Tom would notice.

' Let's just go out , You and me! That way that prune of Ireland doesn't ruin us and Tom wouldn't be there to keep us from having fun. Let's rent a room and just have a sleepover. How about it? ((:

     - Nubia. '

What the heck. She won't be here forever. Might as well.

' Pinky promise, babe . (: xx

     - Niall. '

 " Uh , Tom can I hang with Nubia instead? She's in town and she  doesn't want to be alone , and she just wants to have some girl time. " Tom looked at me as if he wanted me to go eat with them .

" Sure. I guess. " He seemed like he wanted to say something else but he backed out..

" Thank you, thank you, thank you SO much Tommy. I love you ! " I went to give him a hug , a kiss on the cheek, grabbed my bag and phone and ran out.

But then I forgot I don't have a ride. Dammit. I'll just ask Nubia to come pick me up.

' Hey Noobs , I can go c; can you pick me up though? I don't have a ride/

     - Everly . '

' Sure thing baby (; I'll be there in a few!  Wait in the front of the stadium .

     - Nubia '

 I read the text and closed it and walked outside to the cool breeze. I found a bench to sit on. Everyone else was already leaving anyways so I just waited there for Nubia.

Everyone else had already left and I felt lonely so I placed my ear buds in my ear and pressed play on my music playlist , from my phone. Caraphernelia by Pierce The Veil was playing.

I had my eyes shut and began to get into the song when I felt something tap my shoulder. It scared me and I jumped. I looked back and took an ear bud out.

It was the other guy, the first one that was singing at me .

" May I help you? " I asked him politely with a smile.

" I saw you on stage , well I was on stage you weren't , you were in the audience an- " he kept talking and it just made me laugh.

" haha calm down , I get you. " I smiled at him once again and placed my hand on his arm .

" oh , sorry. Well I saw you and I thought you were very beautiful . " He said with an amazing smile.

" Thank you. " I told him , still smiling like a freak. I probably looked like the Joker.

" Oh my name is Zayn . " he said.  " Everly "

" Um, well I wanted to ask, would you want to go out with me sometime? " he asked , sounding very very nervous.

" Sure, but I can't right now . My friend is suppose to pick me up and I have stuff to do. " I think I sounded like I wanted to get out of it . Oh no.

"You know what , I'll give you my number and we'll talk about it . Sound good? " I asked , sounding more interested with more smile.

" Sure. " he answered. I gave him my number and he typed it in his phone .

" Thanks . " he told me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before he walked back inside.

I stood there smiling like an idiot , with my hand on my cheek. I've got two kisses from two different guys in ONE night.

I felt another tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Nubia.

" Ahhhhh! " I yelled and gave her the biggest hug ever.

" So what was that? " she asks as we come out of the hug , with her hands crossed on her chest. Keys in hand.

" What do you mean? " Oh no. Please don't tell me she saw Zayn kiss me.

" Zayn! He kissed your cheek! " she said excited.

" Can we talk about this somewhere but here? ' I ask her. " Sure "

We walked to her car and she drove.

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