1. What is perfection

Perfection, what is perfection?" Is it to have all the required qualities, characteristics or elements as good as it can be possibly be?" How can you be perfect? Is anyone even perfect? There are many questions to be asked maybe i can answer a few. 

Some of us have our own celebrity obsession say it be Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson etc. We may think they are perfect but in reality they do have have the flaws we do. Just because they are more famous and have the unique qualities, characteristics that draw you in doesn't mean they have the perfect lives,faces. Some things are just hidden and never told. I do love these celebrities they are awesome but the fact is they have can get hurt, have bad days just like us humans. I also really don't get why people say "why can't i be perfect like you" you could be the a singer for you lifetime not always can hit the right notes. You can be the most experienced chef and still not make the best meals. Also you could be the bestselling author but not everyone likes your books.

That concludes my topic of "PERFECTION" if you liked this please suggest more for the continuing..


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