Best Friends in London

Sara and her best friend Sabrina just moved to London with Sara's family, they both are starting high school (9th grade) and are pretty shy, but they start to make some really nice friends along the way. :)

A/N Hey! This is my first tome writing so feel free to tell me what you think!:) ~Sara :D

Special Thanks to Ethan Ayaay for cover!!!:)


5. progress reports..

~~~Sara's POV~~~

3 weeks of school have passed by, I know that I'm not doing so good in some classes, so I sat in the living room waiting for the mail to come in. Hope fully I can get my progress report quick enough. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard the mail man, I ran to the door and grabbed the mail and shut the door behind me. I looked through the mail, and I didn't find a progress report, thank god. "Sarita!" uh oh, maybe I wasn't that quick. I walked into the kitchen where my mom was and dropped the mail on the table. I noticed she had a envelope in her hand, shit. "Sit down!" she ordered. "okay."  I sighed. I knew where this was going. "Look." she said, I could hear it in her voice that it was bad. I looked at the grades, they were all A's except for one class, math. "Wow, I'm impressed!" I smiled. "You have to break up with Harry, until that grade comes up." I could feel my tears coming. "UGH fine!" I slightly yelled. I ran up to my room, jumped onto my bed and cried until I couldn't cry anymore.


After I washed up I walked out onto the balcony. "Hey!" a voice said. "AHH!" I turned around and saw Sabrina. "Son of a fuck! You scared the shit out of me!" I laughed. "Good!!" she laughed. I walked up to Harry's window and knocked. "What are you doing?" Sabrina asked. "You'll see." I answered. Harry opened up his window and stepped onto the balcony. "Hey babe." "Harry, we have to talk." "Sure babe what's up? he answered. I sighed. "Harry, my mom is making me break up with you." I finally said tears in my eyes. "What!?" I heard Sabrina asked from under the balcony. "What? Why?" Harry asked. "I got my progress report today, I have all A's except for math, I have a D. My mom said that I have to break up with you until my grade is up." I explained tears falling down my cheek. "I'm not leaving you." Harry protested. "Harry please, I don't want to do this, but I have to. Please make it easy." I begged. "No Sara! I'm not leaving you!" "Harry please! We don't even know that much about each other! We haven't been on a date yet!" I yelled, tears spilling out uncontrollably. "Please Harry, lets just be friends for now?'' I asked. "Fine, just stop crying please, I don't want to see you cry, ever." He said wiping my tears. I nodded and went to get a tissue. When I came back out side Harry was gone. "Where did he go?" I asked Sabrina. "I don't know, all he said was to make sure that your here tonight." She answered. "Okay." I said walking back inside.

~~~Harry's POV~~~

I have a idea, I'm going to make a picnic there on her balcony, there we will get to know each other. I need to start getting everything ready, but I need Sabrina's help. I opened up my window after I knew that Sara was gone and told Sabrina the plan and she agreed to help me. Sabrina said that her and Sara would go shopping and all for a hour so that I could get things ready. As I watched Sabrina go inside and tell Sara to get ready to go shopping she looked at me and gave me a reassuring smile and I went to start cooking. I cooked Spaghetti and went to the store to buy roses. I walked onto the balcony and watched Sabrina and Sara get home. I set everything up then realized that I forgot to change. I looked over the balcony and saw Sabrina looking up at me, I texted her as fast as I could, telling her to stall Sara while I get changed. After I got changed I walked onto the balcony and texted Sabrina saying that I was ready, and as I waited I stood in the center of the balcony with the roses behind my back.

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