Best Friends in London

Sara and her best friend Sabrina just moved to London with Sara's family, they both are starting high school (9th grade) and are pretty shy, but they start to make some really nice friends along the way. :)

A/N Hey! This is my first tome writing so feel free to tell me what you think!:) ~Sara :D

Special Thanks to Ethan Ayaay for cover!!!:)


2. Meeting the Nieghbors

Once as we finished Unpacking we heard a knock on the front door, we ran down stairs to get the door, sadly my dad beat us to it. As I looked outside I saw a young boy about our age with curly hair and beautiful green eyes. I grabbed Sabrina's arm and ran up stairs, "What the fuck is wrong with you?" she asked I laughed, "I saw a cute boy!!" I then said. She looked at me laughing "Well lets go meet him!" she slightly yelled. I laughed as we ran down stairs and saw that the cute boy was sitting on the couch with who I believe to be his mom. I smiled and said hello, they both stood up "Hi, my name is Anne!" the lady said Sabrina and I shook her hand. "This is my son Harry." she finished. I looked at Harry he had a cheeky smile, I shook his hand and so did Sabrina. I went back to Anne "My name is Sara, and this is my best friend Sabrina!" Anne smiled Harry also smiled. "We're your neighbors!'' Anne practically shouted. I laughed "Well it's nice to meet you both!" I smiled. "What grade are you in?" Harry asked. I turned to him, "We're both in the 9th grade." He smiled "Me too." Harry said while looking at the ground. "Harry can help you both find your classes!" Anne interrupted. "Thanks!" I looked at Sabrina and she was sitting on the other couch on her phone.

Sabrina got up and apologized and went to go find my mom and dad. I was left in the living room with Harry and his mom, what was I going to say? I'm a horrible conversation starter.. "What time did you all get here?" Anne asked. "For about 30 minutes or longer." I smiled. "So what is it like around here?" I managed to ask. "It's beautiful you guys choose a very nice neighborhood to live in, maybe Harry can take you and Sabrina for a walk around?" I smiled "Thanks he doesn't hav-" "I want to" Harry interrupted. I smiled "Thanks we would love that!" I said trying not to turn red.

~~Sabrina's POV~~

Where the hell is Sara's parents? Here I am walking around the house like a idiot when I could be talking to Harry!.. Wait what? My best friend saw him first obviously she called dibs.. I heard the front door close I ran down stairs to see that Anne and Harry left. Sara looked at me with all smiles. "What happened?" I asked. "Nothing but tomorrow Harry is taking us for a walk around the neighborhood with his friends!" she said. I wanted to scream but Sara's parents came down stairs. "Where were you? I was walking around up stairs looking for you guys!" I asked. They turned around to look at me, "We were in yall's room putting paint cans in there so you guys can paint it." They said. Sara looked at me and yelled "FIRST THE HOUSE THEN THE ROOM THEN HARRY AND NOW WE CAN PAINT OUR OWN ROOM!?!?!?" I laughed. "Well we start painting the day after we walk around with Harry." I explained. "FINE!" she yelled.


~~Sara's POV~~

I woke up the next morning to some knocking on the balcony door, I got up to see who in the world was on the balcony. I opened the door and saw Harry standing there with a cheeky smile. "HARRY?" I said pretty loud. He came in and shut the door. "Why didn't you knock on the front door?" I asked. "No one answered." he said smiling. "Okay now how did you know this was my room? And how did you get on the balcony?" I asked. He smiled "I saw you open it yesterday and my room is that window so I just jumped on to the balcony." I laughed and went and woke up Sabrina. She slapped me like always and saw Harry. "Ooops sorry." she whispered. I got my clothes and went to the rest room to change. 5 minutes later I heard a knock on the door. "HURRY UP SARA OR IM GOING IN THERE AND PUSHING YOU OUT EVEN IF YOUR NOT FULLY DRESSED!!" I could tell Sabrina was doing that on purpose so I finished and let her go and get ready.

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