Best Friends in London

Sara and her best friend Sabrina just moved to London with Sara's family, they both are starting high school (9th grade) and are pretty shy, but they start to make some really nice friends along the way. :)

A/N Hey! This is my first tome writing so feel free to tell me what you think!:) ~Sara :D

Special Thanks to Ethan Ayaay for cover!!!:)


3. Meeting the boys and Seeing the Neighborhood

After Sabrina was ready, Harry, Sabrina and I went down stairs and went outside and started walking. I already had mine and Sabrina's Schedule's for school, I think Harry noticed it he asked me "When are you guys getting your schedule's?" I looked at him and he was looking at my pocket. I got them out and handed them to Harry. He looked at Sabrina's then mine and smiled. He handed me mine and Sabrina hers. "We only have 4 classes together??" Sabrina yelled. I nodded and looked at Harry. "How many classes do I have with you?" I asked. He smiled. "I have all of my classes with you." I smiled, I could feel that I was blushing so I looked down. Harry stopped and went across the street to a house and told us to stay there. Sabrina and I waited and talked until I saw Harry's shadow come behind me, I turned around and saw Harry with another boy that looked our age. He had hair a bit like Harry's just some how different, he had brown eyes. He looked at me then Sabrina. "Hi my name is Liam." He said "Hey my name is Sara and this is my best friend Sabrina." I said pointing at Sabrina. Sabrina waved and looked at me with a face that she gives me when she see's cute guys. I laughed and looked at the ground, I could feel that I was blushing then I heard some guys coming towards us. I looked up to see three other guys.

"Hey guys!! This is my friend/neighbor Sara and her best friend Sabrina!" Harry said loudly. I laughed looking at the boys, one was blonde, with blue eyes. One of the others had black hair, and light brown eyes like mine. The other one had blue eyes also and light brown hair or dirty blonde. "Hi my name is Niall." the blonde one said. "And this is Zayn." He said pointing to the one with black hair. "And I'm Louis!" The one with the light brown hair yelled. I laughed and shook their hands. I looked at Sabrina and she was starring at Louis. I laughed and slapped her. She looked at me and punched my arm. We all laughed and started walking around the neighborhood.

We stopped at a park and sat down to rest. I looked at Sabrina and she was staring at the slides and swings, I looked at her and asked "You want to go on the swing Sabrina?" "YES!!" she yelled and we ran to the swings. Sabrina and I are child at heart so we really enjoy going on swings, and going to the zoo. Before we got to the swings I turned around, Harry and Louis were watching us. I motioned them to come with us, they laughed and followed us, and they others came behind. As we reached the swing Sabrina had me push her of course. When she was high enough I stopped and sat down on the swing between Sabrina and Niall. "Hey!" I said smiling looking at Niall. "Hey!" He said smiling. Oh how I love his Irish accent. I smiled "Thanks for walking with us, showing us around and stuff. I said still smiling. He smiled "Sure thing, anyways Harry told me that you have every class with him, so then that means that I have three classes with you." he said smiling. "That's great!" I smiled. That is really great because then I can hear him talk with that Irish accent.

After we walked we got back to my house. I forgot that we still had to paint our room. Once as we walked in, every one was going to Harry's house. I got sad and went outside and invited them to our house. They came in and we all sat down in the living room. Then my mom came in. "Sara and Sabrina did you paint your room yet?" she yelled. "No." We replied. "Well go paint it right now, oh I didn't know we had guests, well then paint your room when they leave." She said. "Actually we wouldn't mind helping them paint their room." Harry said. I looked at him and smiled. "If you guys really want to then I guess you can help." my mom replied. We all got up and walked to mine and Sabrina's room. We had every color of paint in buckets in the corner of the room. "What color do you guys want your room?" "BLUE!!" Me and Sabrina yelled. "Cool." Niall said. "Hey Sara can I talk to you really quick?" Harry asked me. "Sure!" I said looking at Sabrina she gave me a face and went with Zayn to open the can of paint.

Me and Harry walked out of the room and decided to talk in my parents' room. I walked in and Harry shut the door behind us. I sat on the bed. "So what did you have to talk to me about?" I asked.

~~~Harry's POV~~~

I really like Sara and Louis knows that, and Louis likes Sabrina. I asked Sara if I could talk to her, so that I can tell her that I like her, but now, I don't know if I should tell her yet. I better think of something to tell her. Maybe I should tell her that Lou likes Sabrina... "So what did you have to talk to me about?" Sara asked. Shit.... I'll just tell her that Lou likes Sabrina and then that I like her. "Oh um I wanted to tell you that erm um, Lou likes erm Sabrina." I managed to say. "Really?? That's cute! they would make a cute couple!" she says. "Yeah they would, and um I really like you Sara, ever since yesterday when I saw you." I finally said. Sara was looking at me, then she turned red and looked down. "I'm sorry Sara I'll go. I say feeling horrible. I was about to walk out of the room when I felt her grab my arm. I turned around. "I like you too Harry, yesterday when you and your mum came I was standing behind my dad and saw you.. I told Sabrina that I saw you and she took me back down stairs so we could meet you guys." Sara explained. "You like me too?" I asked excitedly. "Yes I do!" She said smiling. "Sara will you be my girlfriend?" I asked. She smiled. "Yes I will Harry." she said smiling. I smiled and hugged her. This is the first time that I have hugged her and I really like her hugs. They are warm, and gentle.

~~~Sara's POV~~~

Me and Harry walked back to my room, we walked in hand in hand and I was already blushing. When we walked in we had all eyes on us. I looked down and smiled. Sabrina looked at us and called for me so we could talk. "What the hell happened?" she asked smiling. I laughed. "Well he asked me out.. And he told me that Lou likes you, but don't tell anyone!" I whispered. I saw that she was turning red, so I pulled her out of the room so that she could calm down. After that we went back into the room and helped paint the room.

Once as we were completely done with painting our room, it was already 9:30 PM. I loved how the room looked. On my side of the room it was blue of course and it had the character gir from Invader Zim painted on my wall. On Sabrina's wall Batman's logo or sign (whatever you want to call it) was painted on there. It looked awesome. We thanked them for helping us and gave them all a hug. Once as they all left, we went to sleep because the next day, school was going to start.

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