Best Friends in London

Sara and her best friend Sabrina just moved to London with Sara's family, they both are starting high school (9th grade) and are pretty shy, but they start to make some really nice friends along the way. :)

A/N Hey! This is my first tome writing so feel free to tell me what you think!:) ~Sara :D

Special Thanks to Ethan Ayaay for cover!!!:)


1. London

As I was waking up I could see the sunlight through my eye lids and could hear someone yelling my name. I opened my eyes to see Sabrina yelling "SARA GET UP!!" as she hit me with a pillow. I got up about ready to hit her when my mom came into the room, "hurry up and get dressed or else we will miss our flight!" she yelled. Sabrina and I agreed and got ready for the flight to London.. We took off to the airport and left my aunt with the house, once we got to the airport Sabrina and I got excited and then scared, we thought that no one would like us because we're different, but we decided to wait until we started school.

I woke up and saw that we were about to land. I looked to my left and saw Sabrina asleep on my shoulder, I laughed and pushed her off. She woke up instantly and punched my arm. I looked around to see my parents sitting behind us asleep, I looked at Sabrina as she laughed and we turned around and started to shake them until they woke up.. We started laughing and saw that we had already landed.

My parents had bought a house through the internet, it looked pretty nice on the computer, so we took off to the address, once we got there I was amazed, it was beautiful me and Sabrina stood on the side walk looking at it, until my dad came "well come on you slow pokes!" he yelled. Sabrina and I laughed and ran inside with our luggage. We went in and my mom and dad came and showed us up stairs to our room, it seemed like it was made for two teens to share, it had a balcony, two walk in closets and a bathroom. It already had two beds and a dresser inside. We both decided which side was ours and got our clothing out, I had the right side and Sabrina had the left side.

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