let me kiss you

Tasha is in X factor and one direction come to see the contestants and congratulate them all, will Tasha fall in love with one of them? read the story to find out! x


2. who touched my arm?

I looked around to see Niall standing there looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes.

Nialls POV

she just stood there looking at me I didn't know what to say she was beautiful. Then before I could stop myself I said "hey don't leave do you want to go to the cinema or something?" what I cant believe I just said that what if she says no! "umm yh I would love to!" oh thank god she didn't say no!

At the cinema: YOUR POV

I cant believe he asked me out OMG im at the cinema with Niall! we decided we wanted to see something scary. We sat at the back, we were one of the only people there! Niall looked at me and said "are you ok?" I said "yeah just a little scared" and with that he pulled me close! 

After the movie: Nialls POV

"that movie was great!" she agreed. I asked her what she was going to do now? she said "ill probably just go home and watch some TV." then I said "you could come to my house and we could watch some TV together only if u want to?" she agreed and we left to go to mine!

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