let me kiss you

Tasha is in X factor and one direction come to see the contestants and congratulate them all, will Tasha fall in love with one of them? read the story to find out! x


3. At nialls house


we didn't really pay much attention to the TV we just sat and talked for ages! then all of a sudden the door opened it was the rest of the band! Louis walked in and said "Niall whos this?" with a puzzled face. Niall replied with "shes my date." I couldn't believe what I just heard I was taken back by it! Harry walked in and asked the same question Louis told him what Niall had told him! I was still shocked! the boys all went upstairs even though it was only 6.30pm.


She looked shocked so I asked her what was wrong and she said" I didn't think this was a date, I really like you Niall!" I replied with " to be honest I like you to Tasha!" the boys came down stair and went "ohhhh Niall has a crush Niall has a crush!!" "Tasha I really like you will you plz be my princess?" she was taken back she finally slipped out a "YES!" I was so happy she said yes if she had of said no I would have been embarrassed. She stayed at my place for the night which is was happy with! I went back to X Factor with her that day! we put some pics on twitter and instagram and this was trending @tashabraidenand@nialloffical! I couldn't believe so many people knew already!!

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