Just a little poem I wrote.


1. The Poem

I'm not beautiful.
Quit saying that.
My thighs touch.
And my stomach's too fat.

I apply make-up,
quite a lot, in fact.
There's a smile spread across my face,
but I tell you it's just an act.

Cuts on my wrist,
cuts on my leg.
My friend has seen them.
'Please don't do it' She'll always beg.

But I don't listen.
I do it every night.
My grades are dropping,
I even got into a fight.

I'm not beautiful,
I said it once.
No one likes me,
I'm just a dunce.

I found Daddy's gun.
I've planned to use it tonight.
There's no way to stop me,
Even with all of your might.

The gun is loaded, 
it's up near my head.
I pull the trigger,
and my brain meets lead.

I'm up In Heaven,
my life is through.
It's much better here,
The skies are a better blue.

The people are nicer, 
the houses, more neat,
I was told I'm beautiful.
And that word can't be beat.

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