Just a little poem I wrote.


2. For Savannah

you are beautiful. who cares if you think you're a bit on the big size? it's better than being a twig. fuck whatever sluts say. they are the bitches. anything they say, ignore it. it's hard to, but you can do it. you are beauitful, worthFUL, smart, hilarious, and you will succeed. one day, you will get over this depression. you will not want to kill yourself. you will want to be alive and live life. just because it won't happen now, doesn't mean it won't happen ever. when you're triggered, depressed, lonely, turn to someone or something that makes you happy. don't just sit there with a razor blade in your face. listen to music or do something that puts you in a calm state instead of anxious and sad. calm yourself down before you do anything stupid. don't commit suicide. it's not fun when you see everyone coming out of the hospital with tears in your eyes. because trust me, when i came back from rehab from taking pain killers, my mom told me that my dad had a mental breakdown 2 days after i was gone. he was one of the reasons i decided to leave, but even your biggest problems that make you want to do it, can also be the reason after you try, not to do it again. i know your going: "everyone says it's okay, but it's not" "that's what they all say" "you're jsut saying that to make me feel better not help me" i know you want a certain person to hug you and say it's alright. and sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn't. that's life. i know you want a certain persons help, but if you don't open up to more people about it, it's going to get worse and worse until your gone. you don't want to die you just want to get rid of these monsters and demons inside of you that are ripping you a part that all these bullies and mean and terrible people have created. your mind will always say things like your not good enough. it's your choice to choose to listen to it or not. people will always say things about you. good or bad. they will always have their opinons, but it's up to you to make sure that opinons don't get to you. they are opinons, one persons belief. someone or few people may agree, but that doesn't mean that no body will disagree. 3 people say bad things, 6 say good. i know bad things stick out more than others, but hey. more people like you than people who hate you. 
fuck fake people (not literally omfg you know what i mean)
don't make them take over your life cause then, you're letting them win. you're letting them win this terrible game that they have created inside of you. don't give them a reaction. they see you have cuts on your arm, they want to see more. they see you sad, they want to to always be sad. in everything in you. they WANT to create monsters and demons and all these horrifying things inside you to break you down to where you're nothing but hollow. that's what they want. and not everyone should get what they want. don't give them a reaction. they may push you around a few more times, but ignore it. say "so?" don't just stand there in take it. if you can walk away, do it. don't take their bullshit. they shouldn't be doing that anyway. don't let them get to you because it's only going to get worse. if you can walk away, do it. don't let them get inside you and create those monsters because then they'll push you to the edge. just PLEASE whatever you do to calm down, don't cut or self harm in anyway. and ESPECIALLY DO NOT kill yourself tonight. i hate the night i tried and i do not want to let that happen to anyone else if i can pervent it from happening. so please promise me that you won't self harm or try to kill yourself tonight. and whenever you need to talk to someone, i'll be the first one on your mind?

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