Love Swap<3

Millie is going out with Harry and Lilly is going out with Niall....BUT when Millie kisses Niall and Lilly kisses Harry, will there feelings change or will it turn into a disaster? read on to find out:)xx


1. Currently Our Lifes xo

Millie's P.O.V:

I was shivering as my mum, came closer and closer getting ready to hit me I curled in the corner scared.. she changed ever since dad died in a train accident but I don't know why. Mum well I say mum I call her Melissa because she is horrid to me. As she was in the bathroom I ran for the front door I already packed my bag as I had planned this for ages! I had money,clothes,makeup, all the stuff I needed. When I got outside I ran half way down the road then text my best friend Lilly 'okay I'm out meet me outside of the woods in 15 minutes' 'ok' she replied, I felt real sorry for Lilly because her brother always comes home drunk and abused her 24/7. Lilly's parents died in a car crash when she was 11 we both are 18 now and she still gets upset I hate seeing her sad.


Lilly's P.O.V:

I quickly packed my bag straight after Millie text me saying to go meet her outside the woods and I am able to escape because my brother was out at the pub again probably getting drunk like he always does. I ran to the woods as fast as I can to the woods and I could see Millie's bright blonde hair with her backpack, probably packed with the same thing as me. We ran through the woods until we reached the other end and we ended up on the beach that we used to come to as kids and we saw a little house so we ran and knocked on the door as a boy with brown curly hair and bright green eyes opened the door. I knew who he was me and Millie are obsessed with him... It was Harry Styles from One Direction!!  

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