This is were I'm gonna post some of the poems I have written. They are very short, but none the less small pieces of my heart poured onto paper. Feed back is most welcome as long as you don't just criticize for the sake of it. Most of them might sound kinda dark and depressing but that is just the mindset I had while writing them I'm not dark all the time(most of the time but not all) but I am mostly dark when writing because that is for me the only way to let my dark side breath.


8. Number eight

The music is floating through me

It is making me dizzy

Giving words to my feelings

Making me see that I'm not alone 

Plenty of people like me


I start to wonder

Is that even a good thing


I'll leave it to someone else 

To be the witty, the smart or the pretty 

To judge what that even means

Because of right now 

I have decided 

To be nothing but me


And one day I might realize 

That is all I'm supposed to be 

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