Save you tonight (completed!)

After Mikaela loses her mum, she has to life on with her horrible stepfather, who abuses Mikaela every single day. After she had been beaten up once again, she runs away in fear to her best friend Harry. But what will happen when Harry and Mikaela fall in love and Harry has to save Mikaela from her horrible stepfather? Will he'll be able to save her life and life a happily ever after, or will he be too late?


11. You'll find out later

Mikaela's POV

I woke up with red, swollen eyes. I really had to stop with crying myself in sleep everynight and just having fun this summer! I sighed before I jumped out of bed and put on my clothes for that day. I walked towards Jessie's room and I quietly opened the door. Jessie was still laying in bed and I smiled before I quietly closed the door again. I quietly walked downstairs, not wanting to wake up any of the others. Liam and Niall were sitting on the couch and watching TV. ''Hey guys!" I smiled and I sat next to Liam. Niall was eating as usual and didn't even notice me. I smiled at the fact that he was eating tacos in the morning. ''Hello Mikaela!'' Liam smiled back at me. I watched the TV too while I suddenly heard someone whisper ''Goodmorning love'' in my ear. I turned around and I saw Harry standing there. ''Goodmorning sleepy head'' I giggled. Harry walked towards the kitchen and I followed him. ''So...What are the plans for today?'' I asked. Harry turned around to me ''Well...I thought maybe we can explore the know..just you and me...'' He said. I smiled ''That should be fun!'' 

After breakfast I walked towards Harry's car. ''HARRRRY ARE YA COMING?'' I screamed. Gush...Harry was always so slow... ''YEAH I'M COMING!'' He yelled back at me. Harry finally came outside and we jumped into his car. ''So Mikaela...I wanna hear you sing...can you please sing something?'' Harry said after a few minutes. I looked scared at him ''NO!'' I yelled. ''Why not? Please Mikaela...'' He said. Even though Harry was my best friend and he felt like a brother to me I was to scared to sing for him or for any other people but once had to be the first time right? ''Okey then...'' I quietly whispered. Harry smiled and I sighed before I began to sing.

''Everybody needs inspiration
Everybody needs a song
A beautiful melody when the night's so long
'Cause there is no guarantee that this life is easy

Yeah, when my world is falling apart
When there's no light to break up the dark
That's when I, I, I look at you

When the waves are flooding the shore
And I can't find my way home anymore
That's when I, I, I look at you''

A tear streamed down my face when I thought about my mum and about my life now. This song just described my life...There was no guarantee that life was easy and life was definetly not easy at the moment. ''Are you okey Mikaela?'' Harry said when he saw me crying. I just nodded and I quickly wipped my tears away. ''It's just so hard at the moment...'' I whispered. I didn't know what to say more and I didn't want to be 'that broken girl' so I didn't say more. I was broken inside but I had to hide it and just put on a fake smile. I had to continue my life.


Harry's POV

I hated myself for asking Mikaela if she wanted to sing for me. Even though she was amazing in singing. I saw how broken she was and how much she missed her mum. She allready had a hard time after the lost of her mum and then er stepdad also abused her...Life wasn't easy on her. I couldn't see Mikaela like this; Even though she tried to hide it I saw that the love of my life was broken and I just wanted to do something but I didn't know what to do... I just knew that I had to make Mikaela happy and that was exactly what I was planning to do today. We should explore California today and I knew it would be a great day. I turned on the radio and I smiled because I heard 'What makes you beautifull' was playing. I looked at Mikaela and I saw she nervously looked outside. Butterflies flew threw my stomach when I saw how beautifull she was. I quietly began to sing with it ''Baby you light up my world like nobody else...'' Mikaela turned around and looked at me. She giggled while I continued singing ''The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed...'' She smiled shyly and it felt amazing to see Mikaela laugh again.

When we arrived in the middle of California we jumped out of the car. We saw some cute shops and Mikaela wanted to go inside of almost every single one of them. I knew she loved shopping so I bought her some stuff. ''Harry...You don't have to pay for that...'' She always said. ''But I want to pay for that Mikaela!'' I said then and I bought her everything what she wanted. Suddenly I saw a ring and I had a brilliant idea. ''Wait here Mikaela!'' I said to her and I walked inside the shop. ''Uhh..Hello...'' I said to a lady who worked in the shop.. ''Oh hello young man...What can I do for you?'' She asked me. ''I want that ring please?'' I said while I pointed at the ring. She nodded and she walked towards the cash. After I payed for the ring I thanked her and I walked outside. ''What did you do?'' Mikaela asked. I knew Mikaela was always that kind of girl who was always curious. ''Oh you'll find you later...'' I said and we continued walking.



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