Save you tonight (completed!)

After Mikaela loses her mum, she has to life on with her horrible stepfather, who abuses Mikaela every single day. After she had been beaten up once again, she runs away in fear to her best friend Harry. But what will happen when Harry and Mikaela fall in love and Harry has to save Mikaela from her horrible stepfather? Will he'll be able to save her life and life a happily ever after, or will he be too late?


17. The hospital

Chapter 25, Save you tonight

Harry's POV

''Shit'' I mumbled when I saw Mikaela closing her eyes. I pushed her stepdad away, not caring anymore if he would hurt me. I knelt down and helt Mikaela in my arms. ''Please baby stay with me...You're to young to leave this world! You have to stay here, with me.'' I whispered to her, tears streaming down my face. Just then I noticed that her stepdad was still standing behind me, the bloody knife in his hand. I looked at NaNa, she looked shocked and I think she just didn't know what to do. ''Nana....'' I cried ''Please tell Zayn to call an ambulance and the police'' She nodded, tears streaming down her face too. After she left Niall walked towards the door with Jessie, He had to keep Jessie safe and he didn't want her too be here now. Louis walked towards Mikaela's stepdad, I knew he was so angry and hurted. He pushed him and the knife fell on the ground. Louis picked up the knife and hold it at it at the throat of Mikaela's stepdad. ''I'LL KILL YOU!!!'' He yelled. Just then Zayn, Liam and NaNa ran into the room. Zayn ran towards Louis and grabbed him by his arm. ''LOUIS COME ON!! COME WITH ME!!”' Zayn yelled, trying to calm Louis down. He held Louis so he couldn't escape. ''Calm down Lou'' Zayn said to him. While Zayn tried to calm him down Liam and NaNa walked towards me and Mikaela. I looked at Mikaela and tears streamed down my face again. ''Mikaela don't leave me please...You're too young to die! We have a whole life infront of us! You can't leave me'' I cried softly. Liam put a hand on my shoulder and NaNa sat down next too me ''The ambulance can be here any minute...'' Liam said. He looked at me, his eyes red and swollen ''What happened?'' I turned around to look at Mikaela and I saw she was bleeding so badly at her chest, I just hoped her stepdad didn't hit her heart. Liam saw I was looking at her and he turned his face to see her too. Tears streamed down his face when he saw Mikaela was bleeding. ''He hit her with the knife....'' I whispered and my eyes looked threw the room to find the knife. I saw it was laying in a corner of the room where Louis dropped it when Zayn tried to calm him down. I nodded at it and Liam turned his head to see what I meant. He gasped. Mikaela was still laying in my arms and I decided to pick her up and take her downstairs because someone had to save her, we just couldn't sit her waiting. I picked her up in bride style and walked down stairs with her in my arms. It seemed like she wasn't breathing anymore. When I came downstairs I saw that Mikaela's stepdad tried to run away but was stopped by police. I sighed. That man didn't deserve it to be in this world. I walked towards the grass and placed Mikaela down carefully. Her shirt was covered with blood, so was mine. ''Mikaela stay with me...The ambulance can be here any minute...'' I looked around desperately, trying to look for the ambulance. Suddenly I got so emotional, what if it was allready too late? ''MIKAELA YOU CAN'T FUCKING LEAVE ME!! WE HAVE A WHOLE LIFE INFRONT OF US!! I PROMISED MYSELF THAT ONE DAY I WOULD MARRY YOU!!! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME ALONE!! I screamed, bawling my eyes out. Niall, Sabrine, Halimat, Zayn, Louis, Liam, NaNa and Jessie walked towards me. Niall put a hand on my hand. We all looked at Mikaela and they all sat around me and we all cried untill we heard an ambulance coming. Doctors ran towards us. They put Mikaela on a stretcher and a doctor turned around to me and the others ''As I take a quick look it doesn't look good '' He sighed. Tears filled my eyes ''Is she gonna...'' I could barely say the words. He sighed ''I don't know Sir.'' He walked away and doctors put Mikaela in the ambulance. ''Can I please go with her?'' I asked a doctor. He nodded. I just wanted to do one thing before we would go. I ran towards Mikaela's stepdad and I punched him in the face. He looked at me and I saw he was bleeding. A police man walked towards me ''One of your friends told me what happened. He'll probably go in jail for a few years. We'll handle this now sir.'' He said but I saw he was smiling a bit because he saw that I hit him. I nodded and I walked towards the ambulance. They just wanted to leave but I quickly stepped in the ambulance. They closed the doors and the ambulance drove away. The others would drive to the hospital by there own. Everytime I saw Mikaela I was happy but now I couldn't stop crying. How could someone do this to her? Doctors were busy with her and when we arrived at the hospital they ran inside with her. ''I have to go with her!!” I said but a doctor stopped me. ''Sorry sir you have to wait'' He said. I wanted to go with her so badly. What is she would die and I didn't have my chance to say my final goodbyes? ''But-'' I wanted to protest ''Sorry sir'' The doctor said and he followed the other doctors. I just walked towards the waiting room and I sat down on a chair. I burried my face in my hands and just cried. I couldn't stop crying and tear after tears streamed down my face. After a few minutes I looked up and I saw the others coming on. Sabrine sat next to me and hugged me ''How is she?'' She asked quitly. ''I don't know'' I whispered. I looked at everyone and I saw they were all crying. I burried my face in my hands again and I just waited for news. It feels like years when a doctor suddenly came. We all jumped up ''And?'' Zayn asked. The doctor looked at every single one of us and then started to talk ''He didn't hit her heart but it was very close. She is still alive but she's still in danger because he hit veins close to her heart which are very important so that means she isn't out of danger and she can still die.'' I sighed in relieve to hear that she wasn't dead but my heart sank in my chest again when I heard that she could still die. ''Can we see her?'' I asked. ''Go to room 45 but only one at a time...'' The doctor spoke and he walked away. I turned around to face the others ''You should go'' Halimat immediately said. I looked at the others. They all nodded ''Go Harry now. Go and see your girlfriend'' Jessie said. She looked at Liam and Liam kissed her. I didn't know they were a couple. I sighed. They all looked so hurted but they still wanted me to go first. I nodded ''Thanks guys'' I said and I turned around. I looked for room 45 and when I found it I opened the door. Infront of me I saw the most beautiful girl laying on a bed. She was connected too all kind of machines. I walked towards her and I sat down on a chair. I looked at the machine behind me and I heard it beeps slowly; her heartbeat. I was happy to hear that sound but I knew it could end any minute. I looked at Mikaela and I grabbed her hand. ''Hey babe here I am again.'' I felt her squeeze in my hand. ''Can you hear me?'' She squeezed another time again. Her grip in my hand tighted like she didn't want me to go. ''Okay that's good'' I smiled threw my tears. ''Mikaela don't leave me...I can't live without you! You are the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life! Remember that time when we we're younger and we told eachother that we would marry one day? I still want that. Please stay with me. I love you'' I whispered. I looked at the heart monitor next to her bed but it started beeping slower and slower. ''Mikaela please don't leave me now'' I cried. I looked at the heart monitor again but it started beeping slower and slower every second. ''Mikaela no!'' I cried. Her grip on my hand tighted even more like she didn't want to leave me ''Please Mikaela'' I whispered one last time. But then it happened; Her grip loosened and the heart monitor stopped beeping. ''No no no'' I screamed. ''MIKAELA COME BACK TO ME!” I screamed. She couldn't leave me. Not now. She was too young to die. I ran towards the door and screamed for a doctor. Doctors ran towards me and pushed me away. ''Please sir leave'' One doctor said while I saw the others being busy with Mikaela, trying to get her back. I didn't want to leave. ''NO MIKAELA NEEDS ME!'' I cried. I tried to ran in but the doctors pushed my out and closed the door. There was nothing I could do anymore. Mikaela's heart stopped beating. She wasn't here beside me anymore. She was gone.

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