Save you tonight (completed!)

After Mikaela loses her mum, she has to life on with her horrible stepfather, who abuses Mikaela every single day. After she had been beaten up once again, she runs away in fear to her best friend Harry. But what will happen when Harry and Mikaela fall in love and Harry has to save Mikaela from her horrible stepfather? Will he'll be able to save her life and life a happily ever after, or will he be too late?


13. Telling the others

Harry's POV

I didn't know what was happening... Mikaela was so much in panic and suddenly she just felt on the ground. I didn't know what to do so I just ran towards her and knelt down. ''Shit Mikaela!!! Wake up!!'' I screamed in panic. I saw the panic in her eyes when she saw those men taking pictures of us. I saw how scared she was at the thought that her stepdad would find her but I would protect her, no matter what would happen. ''Mikaela please wake up!!"' I screamed once again. She just lay there on the ground, eyes close and her face was pale. I didn't know what to do but I did know I had to take her back to the beach house. I didn't want to drive in my own car because nobody would look after Mikaela then so I decided to call Louis. I quickly grabbed my phone and looked for Louis number before I pressed the dial number ''Hi mate!"' I suddenly heard him say. ''Lou! Can you pick us up please! Mikaela passed out...'' I quickly said. ''What happened?'' He asked. I could hear he was worried; Louis and Mikaela became like brother and sister these last days and he really cared about her. I sighed ''Long story...I'll explain in the car...Can you just pick us up please...'' ''Okay mate where are you?'' I told him where we were ''Okay...Just wait there!'' Louis said and he ended the phone call. I sighed and I picked Mikaela up and carried her in bride style to a couch. I sat down at the couch, Mikaela still in my arms, waiting for Louis to pick us up. I really don't know why Mikaela passed out, Maybe she was just so in panic that she passed out? I remembered that time when we were 7 years old and Mikaela's rabbit was gone. Mikaela was so in panic that she just passed out there and she was knocked out for 5 hours. I looked at Mikaela with a worried look. Her face was as pale as snow and her eyes were closed, but she still looked beautiful. It seemed like hours before I finally saw a car coming closer to us. ''Finally!'' I mumbled. I stood up, Mikaela was still laying in arms, and I walked towards Lou. I carefully placed Mikaela in the back of the car and I sat beside her. ''Mate what happened?'' Louis turned around to face me. ''Drive I'll explain....'' I answered. He nodded and when the car began to move I began to talk. ''Mikaela...'' I hated to say this and I couldn't get the words out of my mouth ''Yeah? What's wrong with Mikaela?'' Louis asked me. I sighed ''Her stepdad abuses her....'' '''WHAT!?'' Louis yelled. I saw he was shocked and he suddenly had a angry expression on his face. ''Calm down Lou...Put the car at the side because you can't drive like this and I'll explain more...'' He nodded and he put the car at the side of the road. I told him about that day Mikaela came towards my house. I told him about the fact that she had cuts and bruises everywhere... His face was filled with sadness and anger. I told him about the men with the cameras and about her being in panic ''And then she just passed out'' I ended my story. ''Why didn't she told me? I thought she trusted me!'' He said. I placed my hand on his shoulder ''Trust me mate, She trusts you but it's just so hard for her to talk about it and she just wants to forget everything....'' He sighed ''I just wanted to be here for her...'' We just looked at eachother for awhile, both now with tears in our eyes, before I broke the silence ''I think we should go back...Mikaela needs to go back to the summer house...'' Louis nodded slowly before we walked back towards the car.

NaNa's POV

I was sitting with the girls and the other lads on the couch when Harry and Louis walked in. I looked at Louis and he had a worried expression on his face, I knew Louis and if he was worried there must happened something bad. I looked at Harry and I saw Mikaela was laying in his arms, unconscious. I immediately jumped up from the couch and ran towards Harry ''Harry what happened!?'' I asked worriedly. Mikaela and I became like sisters these last few days and I really cared about her but I always say at her that she was a little bit depressed and that something was wrong with her. ''I'll explain later...'' He sighed ''I bring Mikaela upstairs first...'' I nodded and I looked at the girls and the other boys who were still sitting on the couch. They looked at eachother worriedly and I bet they just wanted to know what was wrong with Mikaela. I knew they cared about Mikaela and even though we knew eachother for a long time and Mikaela just joined, she felt like family to us. They all stood up and we followed Harry upstairs. He carefully placed Mikaela on her bed. We all stood there and looked at Harry, waiting for him to explain. I saw Louis standing there with tears in his eyes, wow...There must happen something really bad. Harry gave Mikaela a kiss on her forehead. We knew Mikaela and Harry were in love with eachother, we could all see that and we had the feelings that they were a couple now. Harry sighed before he started talking ''Mikaela's stepdad abuses her...'' We all looked shocked at eachother when we heard those words. Anger filled the boys faces and me and the girls were just sad. How could someone do that to her? ''Her mum died in a car accident last summer so she had to live with her stepdad but he started to abuse her after a few weeks. One day she came to my house and I saw she had bruises and cuts everywhere... I asked her what was wrong and she bursted out in tears and told me that her stepfather abused her'' A tear streamed down Harry's face and I walked towards him. ''Harry...'' I whispered, still in shock. Harry was broken at what happened and I gave him a hug ''Harry she'll be okey...'' I didn't know exactly what to say. ''Why did she passed out then?'' Halimat asked. Harry looked up at her before he continued talking ''Mikaela has this thing that when she's to much in panic she passes out..She had it since she was little. After Mikaela and I went to a restaurant we met 2 girls and they asked for a picture. One of them said that Mikaela was really pretty...'' He stopped talking for a minute and we all looked confused at him ''Okay but what has that to do with Mikaela passing out?'' Zayn asked. ''Well after those girls were gone I whipsered in her ear that they were right...'' He continued talking ''Just then we saw a camera flashing and 3 men ran away... Mikaela was just so in panic that her stepdad would find her and take her away back to home again. She's just so scared for him and that he will abuse her again...'' I sighed and we all sat there completely shocked and not knowing what to say. ''Gush Harry...'' Niall suddenly said, breaking the silence. We all looked at Mikaela who was still laying there unconscious. I hadn't notice before but she did have bruises and cuts all over her arms. A tear streamed down my face at the thought that she had been threw so much and that she lives with this fear everyday. Niall walked towards him and he gave me a hug ''Don't cry love'' He whispered but I saw he had tears in his eyes too, we all had tears in our eyes. I sighed and I turned around to face Harry. ''Harry don't worry...He won't take her away from us as long as we're here... We need to protect her all...'' I said. Harry smiled me and the lads came towards me ''She won't be taking away again...I promise you that mate'' Liam said. We just all stood there in silence for a few minutes, waiting untill Mikaela would wake up again.

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