Save you tonight (completed!)

After Mikaela loses her mum, she has to life on with her horrible stepfather, who abuses Mikaela every single day. After she had been beaten up once again, she runs away in fear to her best friend Harry. But what will happen when Harry and Mikaela fall in love and Harry has to save Mikaela from her horrible stepfather? Will he'll be able to save her life and life a happily ever after, or will he be too late?


19. She's always with me

Mikaela's POV

I opened my eyes and the darkness around me was gone. I only saw sunlight shining threw the windows. I smiled. I did it, I didn't give up and I opened my eyes. I looked around the room and I saw a woman in white standing in the corner of the room; My mum. She smiled at me and winked at me. I smiled back at her and she disappeared again. I knew she would always look from above on me and when I would need her she would help me. I turned my head and I saw Harry sitting there shocked. ''Mikaela...'' He stammered. ''Your...awake...'' Suddenly a smile grew on his face and he looked at me. I nodded. Even though I felt so weak and my chest hurted so much I was so happy I saw Harry again. ''What happened?'' I managed to ask. ''You don't remember?'' Harry said, still smiling. I shrugged my shoulders. ''Your stepd-'' He said but a doctor interupted him. ''Oh your awake'' He said and he walked towards me. ''Mr. Styles you have to go now. You can visit her later'' Harry sighed ''Can't I just stay with her?'' He asked. ''Sorry Mr. Styles'' The doctor answered. Harry looked at me ''Go babe, I'll be allright'' I said. He nodded and he walked towards me. He leaned in and he kissed my lips. He smirked ''I missed doing that.'' He walked towards the door and walked out of the room. The doctor did some checks up and then walked out of the room, leaving me alone. I sighed. I didn't know what happened, the only thing I remembered was Harry looking at me with a worried look before everything went black. I tried to bring memories back but I just didn't know what happened. Suddenly the door opened and Harry walked in again. ''Babe what happened?'' I asked. I tried to sit up but my chest hurted. I whined in pain and Harry ran towards me. ''Babe be careful'' He whispered. I lay down again and looked at Harry. ''Honey what's on your shirt? He looked down to see his shirt ''Oh I forgot too change my shirt'' He smirked. ''What is it on your shirt anyways?'' I asked. He looked up and I stared into his eyes. I saw happinnes but I saw sadness at the same time. He looked at me, tears in his eyes ''Harry?'' I asked again ''What's that on your shirt?'' He sighed ''Blood...'' I looked at him, not knowing what to say. ''Were you bleeding?'' I asked in shock. He shook his head ''No'' He mumbled. ''It's yours'' He said quietly. I looked at him with a questioning look ''Can you explain to me what happened? I don't remember'' I whispered. A tear streamed down his face ''Your stepdad...He stabbed you with a knife'' He whispered. I looked down, not knowing what too say. ''Harry?'' I turned around to face him. ''What happened with my stepdad?'' ''Well after he stabbed you I ran downstairs with you in my arms and I was too busy to caring about you. After they put you in an ambulance I saw he was taking away by some police men.'' He looked at me and grinned. ''I have the feeling your not telling me something'' I smiled. He laughed ''Okay I hit him in the face.'' I looked at him and smiled. ''Harry can you come here please?'' I smiled. He stood up ''What's wrong honey?'' He asked as he walkedd towards me. ''Just come'' I whispered. I put my hands on the back of his neck and I pulled him in for a kiss. I kissed his soft lips and after I pulled away I stared in his eyes ''I can't believe I almost lost you'' He whispered. ''You almost lost me?'' I asked. He nodded ''You flat lined...I was so scared Mikaela...I thought I lost you'' He whispered. Suddenly I remember something else what happened ''I know, I saw a white light...'' I sighed. ''Really?'' He asked me. I nodded ''I saw Liam standing at the end...'' He looked confused at me ''Liam?'' I nodded again ''I've always had that feeling he was my guardian angel.'' I smiled. '''What did he say?'' Harry asked. ''That it wasn't my time yet. That I had a whole life infront of me'' I looked at him ''That I couldn't leave you'' He kissed my forehead ''I'm glad you didn't leave me...I don't know what I had to do without you...And sorry for breaking my promise..'' I stared at him, confused. ''What promise?'' I asked. ''The promise that I would protect you, no matter what would happen. The promise that even though I had to give my life for it I would protect you. I'm sorry for that'' He whispered. I grabbed his hand and I intertwined our fingers with eachother ''It's okay'' I whispered while I was playing with his fingers. I looked at the corner of the room again and I saw my mum standing there again. She walked towards me and smiled while she whispered ''I love you..I knew you could do it and I'm proud of you'' I smiled back at her and whispered very quietly ''Thank you mum for everything...I love you too'' I whispered, tears streaming down my face. Harry looked at me ''Too who are you talking Mikaela?'' He asked. I looked at him ''She's here Harry. My mum is in the room. She told me that I didn't have to give up and that I had too open my eyes'' I sighed ''I saw her in the darkness'' Harry looked at me ''I wish I could see her too like you do'' He said quietly. I turned my head to see if my mum was still there and she was. She waved at me and I smiled at her. ''Don't forget I'm always here for you'' She whispered and then she disappeared. I looked at the small nightstand behind the bed I was laying in and I saw there was laying a note on it. I grabbed the note and I opened it 'Yes you can sweetheart x mum' I smiled after reading it and turned my head ''I love you Harry'' I whispered. ''I love you too Mikaela, I love you so much'' He whispered back.

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