Save you tonight (completed!)

After Mikaela loses her mum, she has to life on with her horrible stepfather, who abuses Mikaela every single day. After she had been beaten up once again, she runs away in fear to her best friend Harry. But what will happen when Harry and Mikaela fall in love and Harry has to save Mikaela from her horrible stepfather? Will he'll be able to save her life and life a happily ever after, or will he be too late?


18. Meeting someone special

Harry's POV

I walked towards the waitingroom, devestated. She couldn't really be gone right? This had to be a dream...My Mikaela couldn't be gone. Tears filled my eyes when I thought about the fact that I couldn't hold her anymore, that I would never see her smile anymore, That I would never hear her beautiful voice anymore and that all because of that horrible man. Tears streamed down my face when I walked into the waitingroom. Liam saw me as first and jumped up. The others turned their faces now too and as soon as they saw me they walked towards me. ''Are you okey mate?”' Liam asked as he put a hand on my shoulder. I just hugged him and burried my head in his shoulder. ''What's wrong Harry?'' I heard Jessie say from behind me. I turned around and I saw everyone looked at me with worried faces. ''Harry please tell us...'' Sabrine whispered, worry in her eyes. ''Mikaela...She...'' I didn't know how to say it, I couldn't say the words. ''What's wrong with Mikaela Harry? Tell me please..." Liam said. I sighed ''She's gone'' I whispered, another tear streamed down my face when I said the words. ''What?'' Louis said in shock. ''No no no no'' He said. He turned to face me ''You better be kidding Styles.'' He said. ''I wish I was...'' I softly said. He looked at me and I saw he was as devestated as I was. ''Sorry...I just... I can't...'' He said and he turned around and ran away. I knew this was hard for him too. Then I looked at the others. They all looked shocked and tears were streaming down their faces. ''I'm gonna talk with Louis'' Halimat said and she turned around to look for her boyfriend. I turned around to Liam ''Are you okey?'' He asked. I started to panic...What if she was really gone? ''Liam she...she can't be gone!! I still had to marry her and we still had to get children together and and....'' I cried. ''Calm down Harry!!! I know this is hard'' He whispered, a tear streaming down his face too. Just then a doctor came towards us. He walked towards us and sighed. ''So?” Liam asked. The doctor looked at every single one of us, just like he did before. ''We succesed with bringing Mikaela back too life'' He started. I smile immediately grew on my face. ''But?” Liam said. ''But she's very weak, weaker then before...We don't know when she will wake up or even if she will wake up'' The doctor sighed. My heart sank in my chest again by hearing that. What if she would never wake up? ''Mr. Styles you can go and see her now...Only you or else it would be too busy'' He said, knowing that I desperatly wanted to see her. I nodded and I followed him towards Mikaela's room. He opened the door for me and I stepped in. I heard the door close behind me and I walked towards the bed again. I heard the heart monitor beeping softly. Her heart was beating slow but I was just glad that it was still beating. I didn't want to lose her, never in a million years.

Mikaela's POV

Darkness was around me. I didn't know where I was but I felt something soft under me. I felt a pain in my chest. I tried to look for a place with light but wherever I looked I only saw darkness. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. Why couldn't I just open my eyes? It wasn't that hard right? I tried as hard as I could but I couldn't open them. The only thing I saw was blackness. Just when I almost had the power too open my eyes I could feel myself fallen again into the darkness. I looked around me, looking for someone or something that could help me. Suddenly I saw some things laying in the middle of the darkness. I walked towards it and I saw a picture of my mum and me while we we're eating an ice cream on a sunny day. I smiled and I looked around me, looking for more hints to get me out of here. I saw a woman standing somewhere in the darkness. I walked towards her and she turned around. I looked at her and I gasped. I knew that woman. She was the best woman I had ever met in my life. ''Mum?'' I whispered, a tear falling down my face. ''Sweety, It's not your time yet... Don't give up...I know your strong'' My mum whispered. ''Mum where am I?” I whispered back. ''You are here with me sweety...Don't worry...I've always knew you were strong...'' She whispered ''Remember what I always said?'' She continued. I nodded and whispered ''Never give up. Once you will succes, no matter how hard it is.'' She nodded ''Yes sweetheart'' I looked at my mum. ''Mum why did you leave me?'' I cried. She walked towards me and kissed my forehead ''I wish I could've stayed baby. It was probably my time to die. But you have to remember one thing sweetheart'' I looked at her, waiting for her to continue. ''I'm always here'' She put her finger on the place where my heart was and hugged me. ''Never give up Mikaela. Open your eyes. I know you can'' She whispered and she turned around and walked away. ''MUM WAIT!” I yelled behind her. She turned around once more and whispered ''I love you" and then walked back into the darkness. ''Mum come back please" I cried "I can't do this without you." I saw a bird flying to me and he had a note. I opened the note and I read it 'Yes you can sweetheart x mum' I cried when I knew she wouldn't come back too comfort me. I lost her again but I knew she was in my heart, just like she told me. I decided that I had to be strong for her and that I didn't have too give up. I tried and tried to open my eyes and suddenly my eyes opened and the darkness was gone.

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