Save you tonight (completed!)

After Mikaela loses her mum, she has to life on with her horrible stepfather, who abuses Mikaela every single day. After she had been beaten up once again, she runs away in fear to her best friend Harry. But what will happen when Harry and Mikaela fall in love and Harry has to save Mikaela from her horrible stepfather? Will he'll be able to save her life and life a happily ever after, or will he be too late?


16. Darkness

Harry's POV

She was gone. I couldn't protect her. I angrily walked inside. I walked into the living rooms and everyone looked at me ''Harry..Are you angry?'' Zayn asked. He knew me so well... I shrugged my shoulders. Zayn walked towards me and he put a hand on my shoulder ''What's wrong mate?'' ''She's gone..'' I mumbled. Suddenly my anger replaced for sadness and tears streamed down my face. ''Who's gone Harry? who?'' I couldn't talk right now, not after what just happened. I ran upstairs and locked myself up in the bedroom. I saw Mikaela's stuff still laying on the ground. I picked up a shirt of her and I burried my face in it. It still had her smell. I sat down on the bed and tears streamed down my face. Why did he had to take her away? Why did this had to happen to my Mikaela? I just cried untill someone knocked on the door. ''Yeah?'' I said while I wipped my tears away. ''Harry it's Louis can you please open the door?'' I heard Louis say behind the door. I sighed and I got up of the bed and walked towards the door. I unlocked the door and Louis stormed into the room. ''Your okey mate?'' I turned around to face him, anger built up inside of me ''HOW CAN I FUCKING BE OKAY LOU? SHE'S GONE!'' I had mixed emotions of anger and sadness and I didn't know what to do. He walked towards me and he put a hand on my shoulder ''Harry I know it's hard...We'll find her and save her..We wanted to go now so he won't do anything to her'' He whispered, tears in his eyes now too. Mikaela and Louis were like brother and sister so this had to be hard for him too. I nodded ''We have to go now then. I don't want her to be in his hands longer'' I looked at Louis and he nodded ''C'mon mate'' He said and he walked out of the room. I sighed and then followed him downstairs.

''Okay'' I sighed ''This is it'' We were standing infront of Mikaela and her stepdad's house. I looked at the others who were standing behind me. We told them in the car what happened and that we had to save Mikaela. They immediatly agreed of saving her and ran towards the car. I sighed before I rang the doorbell. We waited for a few minutes but nobody opened the door; Exactly how I allready expected. I turned around and I looked at everyone behind me; Sabrine, Halimat, NaNa, Jessie, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis. They were all here for Mikaela. I looked at each of them and then sighed ''So what are we gonna do now?'' Nana stepped forward and looked at me ''I can kick in the door if you want?'' She grinned. I grinned and wanted to say 'Okey' but Niall stepped forward. ''Let's try this first'' He walked towards the front door and he pushed. The door immediatly flew open and he turned around ''The door wasn't even locked'' He grinned. I sighed and I walked in the house. I didn't saw anyone there but there was a stairs infront of me so there was a chance that they were upstairs. I turned around and looked at Sabrine, Zayn, Halimat and Liam. ''Can you stay here please? If we yell downstairs you have to call the police okay?'' Sabrine nodded and they stayed at the front door while Louis and I walked inside the house, followed by Jessie and NaNa and Niall. Niall stayed close at Jessie, trying to protect his little sister. We slowly walked upstairs and walked towards Mikaela's door. We heard someone cry and I knew it was Mikaela. Luckily her door wasn't locked either so we just could open it. I looked around her room and I saw Mikaela laying in the corner of her room, her stepdad infront of her. ''AND DON'T YOU EVER DARE TO WALK AWAY AGAIN!!'' He yelled at her while he kicked her in her stomach. Anger filles me as I walked towards them. ''HOW DARE YOU TOUCH HER!!'' I yelled. I saw Mikaela looking at me, bruises everywhere on her face. I wanted to run towards her and pick her up so we could ran away together, away from her stepdad but I knew I couldn't. ''Oh look there you have your little boyfriend again'' Her stepdad spoke while he turned around to face me. ''Oh and look, he brought your little friends with him'' I wanted too hit him in his face but when I moved my hand to face him he showed me the knife again. He pulled Mikaela of the ground and held the knife on her chest, close to the place her heart was. ''Don't come closer or I'll kill her'' He said ''I only have to make one move to stab her'' I backed away, not wanting that he would hurt my Mikaela. I looked at her face and I saw she was so scared but even though she had bruised everywhere she was still the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. 

NaNa's POV

We stood in the door opening the whole time but I decided that it was time to help. I walked towards Harry, pulling the others with me. I stood there and looked at the evil man infront of me. I looked at Mikaela, she looked so bad; bruises all over her face, a black eye and she could barely stand. Anger builed up inside of me and I turned around so look at her stepdad again ''LET HER GO!! NOW!!'' I yelled. He smiled evily at me ''Why would I listen to someone like you? Your nothing but a little girl who isn't even brave enough to go and save 'her friend' You are just standing there'' He hissed threw his teeth while he held the knife still on Mikaela's chest. I couldn't control myself anymore, I really couldn't. Before I knew what I was doing my fist flew towards him and hit him in the face. He turned his face away from me but I could see his nose was bleeding. He looked back at me. I wanted to hit him again and kick him but Louis and Niall held me and there arms were too strong to break out from. ''You'll wish that you didn't do that girl'' Mikaela's stepdad said and he turned around to face Mikaela.

Mikaela's POV

My stepdad turned around to face me. I knew he could kill myself, He was in state to kill me. ''Why do you do this'' I asked quitly, scared he would do something. I looked in his eyes and except for only anger I saw sadness now too. ''YOU REALLY DON'T GET IT DO YOU!?'' He yelled at me. ''WHAT?'' I yelled back at him. Tears filled his eyes ''I CAN'T STAND TO SEE YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I WAS SO HURT WHEN YOUR MOTHER DIED AND I LOVED HER SO MUCH!!! YOU LOOK SO MUCH LIKE HER AND IT KILLS ME TO LOOK AT YOU BECAUSE I'LL SEE YOUR MOTHER IN IT BUT I KNOW SHE WON'T CAME BACK TOO ME!!! AND YOUR FRIEND HITTING ME DOESN'T REALLY HELP!! I'M DONE WITH THIS ALL!!! I JUST WANT YOU TO BE GONE SO I WON'T DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE!!! YOU NEED TO BE GONE!! '' I wanted to say something back but before I could I felt the knife slip inside my body and a huge pain in my chest. I screamed and I looked at Harry; he was screaming too. I fell on the ground and I looked at all the guys standing infront of me. ''I love you all'' I softly whispered but then everything went black. I was being dragged into darkness and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get out of it and I didn't know if I would ever return.

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