Save you tonight (completed!)

After Mikaela loses her mum, she has to life on with her horrible stepfather, who abuses Mikaela every single day. After she had been beaten up once again, she runs away in fear to her best friend Harry. But what will happen when Harry and Mikaela fall in love and Harry has to save Mikaela from her horrible stepfather? Will he'll be able to save her life and life a happily ever after, or will he be too late?


6. Another great day

Mikaela's POV

Days past by and me and the girls became very close friends. Halimat was a girl who was always happy to see you and she always made jokes, just like her boyfriend Louis. Faith was a girl who would help you with all your problems, no matter what it was. She was just the kind of girl who was always nice to everybody. Sabrine was the shy one, She didn't say much but I learned more from that girl every day and she was just such a sweet girl. NaNa was the one who you could call in the middle of the night if you just wanted to talk to someone. She didn't really care what other people thought about her and that's why I admired her so much. She was probably the funniest one from all the girls and I could be very hyper with her. I loved them all but the closest friend to me was Jessie. Even though she was so much younger than I was, she always understood me. Jessie was a shy girl and she didn't really say much buy you could trust her for 100%. I knew I could trust the boys too and I was also great friends with them. As I allready thought the first day, Louis was one of my best friends, he was like a brother to me. I had always fun with the others boys and I really enjoyed the vacation. Not any of them knew about the problems I had at home, except for Harry. I didn't want them to know yet, maybe I would tell them later. 

I woke up and I saw that Harry wasn't in his bed anymore. Harry and I slept in the same room but I didn't care because we always slept in the same room too when we we're little. I jumped out of bed, ready for a new day full of fun. I put on a red summer dress and I quietly walked downstairs, not wanted to wake up any of the others. ''Goodmorning sleepyhead!'' I heard Harry say when I walked into the kitchen. I grinned at him. ''We're planning to go to the beach today! Fancy coming with us?'' He continued speaking. I smiled at the idea and I answered quickly ''I would love to!'' I just couldn't wait to have fun at the beach with my best friends and I knew this would be another great day!

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