Irresistable is about two teenage girls that go by the name of Becky and Olivia. They become very close to a WORLD FAMOUS boy band but two of them in particular. What could happen?


4. Chapter 4

Becky's point of view:

The car journey wasn't that long and turns out Niall lives about 15 minutes away from mine. I hadn't noticed that I had been smiling the whole time I've been with Niall until Olivia gave me that cheeky knowing grin, like I've said she knows me better than I know myself, but I guess I'm the same for her. We seem to have this communication thing where I can tell exactly what she's trying to say without her even saying and vice versa. So I knew what she was getting at. Olivia for some reason has it in her head that I like Niall, but I don't. I mean I do but just as buddies not anything more, I'm not going to lie here, he is hot and all but no it's just weird to like your best friend isn't it?


Olivia's point of view:

I could see by the way that she looked at him. Its obvious she likes him but she won't admit it. Typical Becky wont admit anything, she may sound like an open person because she will talk to anyone without any worries but she won't fully open up to anyone not even her mum, just me, actually I think she opens up a lot to Niall too. Back to reality though, we've arrived at Niall's but we are just sitting in the car when Niall pipped up, "um guys I just wanna warn you about he boys..." god that Irish accent is so gorgeous especially in his low tone at the moment. Niall carried on... "I apologise in advance for the crazy bunch they are and if anything horrible is said it's meant as a joke, also Louis is a bit of an  extrovert  he likes to hug and is a touchy person and sometimes overly friendly and loud..." he paused waiting for us to acknowledge and take it all in. "Zayn is quite vain and quite and on occasions a little bit moody" that got a nod from both of us "Harry is a massive flirt with any girl that breathes... And finally Liam he's like our daddy, the sensible one.... but don't let that put you off he's really nice and easy to get along with and you already know me" he finished with a grin on his face as he opened the door he said "you ready girls for a fun sleepova?!?"  We did probably the most  girlie  WOO ever and joined Niall as we walked up to his house. It was beautiful, big and had a homely feel to it even if it was just Niall's house. He opened the door to a dark hallway that looked like it lead into a huge living room. I couldn't see much because all the lights were off but Niall grabbed our hands and lead us through the dim hallway, but as we reached the living room I squealed.  Don't judge me okay, I don't squeal a lot an I barely ever make a big deal out of things but someone had just grabbed my bum ad I knew it wasn't Niall because his hands were in mine and Becky's hands, so who was it?

"Olivia are you alright" Niall asked clearly worried by my sudden outburst. 

"ummm.... Yeah.... I guess.... I just thought someone grabbed my arse that's all" I replied taking deep breaths when I needed to.  Niall instantly turned round and shouted "boys get your arses in the light where I can see you and turn the lights on while you're there" There was a bit of shuffling and a click causing a flash of bright light to temporarily blind me. As I blinked back into focus I saw the four other boys of One Direction, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry stood in front of me. Wow they are so much cuter in real life. 

"Alright you cheeky bastards which one of you squeezed Olivia's arse" Niall questioned as he nodded to me and shock my hand still held in his.  That was when I noticed the way that boy looked at me. Harry Styles stood there awkwardly scuffing his shoes against each other and a blush occurred on his cheeks. I must have blushed too a he caught my eye contact causing me to look down at the ground avoiding those sparkling green eyes of his. When I finally looked back up he had a childish grin on his face showing off his cute little dimples.

"I guess we found the culprit" Becky giggled looking at me and back to Harry obviously noticing something was going on. 

He finally spoke with that deep mesmerising voice "umm yeah that was me..." he admitted while rubbing his hand on the back of his neck.

Niall sighed "alright mate just apologise and then we can all introduce ourselves properly" Harry smirked as he looked at me again, my stomach was doing flips but I managed to keep a straight face and not show him what he was actually doing to me. "sorry" he finally said, and that was it. Ha yeah mum 'I don't take acting seriously enough' you so should have just seen that and then judge me. 


Harry's point of view:

When the lights flashed on all I could think was wow I grabbed a good bit of arse and now I get to see her in the light she's beautiful, just. WOW.

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