Irresistable is about two teenage girls that go by the name of Becky and Olivia. They become very close to a WORLD FAMOUS boy band but two of them in particular. What could happen?


3. Chapter 3

Becky's point of view:

 I heard Olivia call out from the hallway so I guessed Niall had arrived, but I was a little distracted by my twitter mentions blowing up and so I looked to see what was happening. Niall had tweeted: "Movie night with the boys, Becky and Olivia it's gonna be sick! cant wait to catch up with Becky been too long <3". Somehow these "directioners" found my twitter account and decided to spam it. It was all just a load of crap really considering they couldn't be sure it was even me Niall was tweeting about but hey ho. It consisted of nice and then extreme tweets ranging from "aww so cute Niall may have a crush on Becky" and then a few that were just a bit extreme, calling me a 'slut' because it's just me and a girl with 5 guys and that they want to kill me. Wow I don't know how Niall deals with it but I heard Niall shuffle into my living room with Olivia and as I turned around his face light up. I don't know what came over me but I leaped up off the sofa and jumped into his arms, god I missed the good old Horan hug!


Niall's point of view:

I was standing outside Becky's door waiting to knock. I was shaking and I don't even know why, I'm not even this nervous before going on stage. I honestly cannot wait to see Becky again, I've missed her so much. We haven't seen each other face to face for about a year now what with all the touring and her staying at school we haven't had time to sadly. But it's going to be different now that the boys and I have flats in London and mine happens to be a 15 minute drive from hers. I knocked and waited. She was taking a while to answer the door but as I brought my hand up to knock again the door flew open to a beautiful girl, but not Becky. 

"oh I'm so sorry I must have the wrong house number"

"No no no you're at the right house Horan, Becky's in here but wouldn't get her lazy arse off the sofa to answer the door to you. I'm Olivia by the way hello" she said as she held out her hand to shake with mine, I don't shake hands much I don't like it so I pulled her into a hug.  "wow I've only just met you and I've already had a world famous Horan hug" she smiled as she lead me into the house.

I remember it slightly from my childhood as I came here once or twice. As I shuffled into the living room I looked around for Becky and my gaze fell upon a pair of legs hanging off the edge of the sofa. There she was. She turned round, jumped off the sofa and into my arms, wow she is just how I remembered, slightly smaller than average, smells nice (not in a creepy way just in a way that's cute and unique to her). This is the moment I'd been waiting for all day: to be wrapped up in one of her Hilton hugs. I don't know how long we were just standing there hugging but it must have been long enough as I heard a slight awkward cough coming from behind me.


Olivia's point of view:

After a while I felt awkward standing watching Niall and Becky hug so I decided to cough. I didn't mean to sound rude but to be honest I'd prefer to be talking as then that way all three of us could be involved. Although saying that watching them hug was cute, it's like they hadn't seen each other since they were 7 but that's not true because I knew she'd seen him in the holidays last year. 

"sorry Olivia, I guess we should get going then, obviously not if you're not ready yet but yeah..." Niall trailed off as if he was nervous. I guess now I think of it he does look nervous, ahw cute! 

This time Becky spoke "we're ready when ever you are Nialler" she smiled.  With that Niall nodded and we walked out of the house and to his car.

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