Irresistable is about two teenage girls that go by the name of Becky and Olivia. They become very close to a WORLD FAMOUS boy band but two of them in particular. What could happen?


2. Chapter 2

Becky's point of view:

To Nialler<3
Heya Nialler, sure sounds great! Can't wait to meet the boys, oh and is it cool if I invite Olivia round because she really wants to meet you? Thanks cutie <3 Becky xoxox

Obviously there's nothing going on between me and Niall, just innocent flirting and neither of us mind. I suppose it's because we've known each other for such a long time. Sure enough, after about a minute later, Niall had text back. 

From Nialler<3 
Sure thing, I'll pick you both up at about 7 ish at yours. Can't wait tonight's gonna be wicked! Just like old times <3 see ya later princess 
Niall xx

He was right, tonight is going to be totally awesome! Great, now I just have to tell Olivia without making a scene- maybe I'll tell her when we leave?
5 minutes later Olivia and I were leaving media and heading out of this prison, I'm joking it's not that bad, sometimes... So I brought up tonight into the conversation.
"Hey Olivia you know me and Niall are good mates... and that I've never met the other boys?" That received a hmm in agreement. Olivia knew everything about me, sometimes I feel like she knows me better than I do myself. Time to break it to her. 
"Well .... Niall invited me to his for a movie night with him and the boys..... and you're invited too!" I blurted out, she just stopped mid stride.
"WHAT?!?" she practically screamed at me. Which isn't surprising really, considering we fan-girl over them so much and this is like a dream come true. 
"I know you heard me Olivia don't fan-girl on me here! Niall is my best mate and he's picking us up from mine at 7 so be there with pjs and stuff for tomorrow gurrrlllll!" I said as we hugged and parted ways to go home. 

After I got home I had a quick shower put my make-up in a bag, alongside all my toiletries and then packed that with my pjs and bags of popcorn, movies and sweets. 
Shortly after I finished that my doorbell rang I knew it was Olivia because we had arranged by text for her to stop off at maccas (McDonald's) for dinner: seen as how I had run out of time to get any food all day due to my rush this morning. 

Olivia's point of view:
Oh my god! I can't believe it. Oh my god, I know I promised Becky I wouldn't fan-girl but honestly the whole walk home I was smiling and as soon as I walked in my door I screamed. Not a scream out of shock or horror, but a scream of excitement and pure happiness. After I got myself and stuff ready it was off to maccas to get some dinner and then to Becky's, honestly I cannot wait!
I rung the door bell and waited for Becky, as soon as the door opened I was greeted by her famous Hilton hug, she's good at them- maybe it's a little thing her and Horan share?
"Heya I brought dinner" I smiled and looked at Becky- she looked like she was going to be sick, well she hadn't eaten all day. 
"Becky what's wrong love are you okay? Don't be getting ill before Niall gets here" her face dropped even more at the mention of his name. 
"What if he doesn't like me any more because I look a mess I cant look after myself properly and man I cant do anything right I'm a state look at me Olivia!" What? Where was this coming from? Her and Niall have been close since she was like 4, I'm confused. 
"Uh Becky you've lost me, what do you mean what if he doesn't like you, you haven't changed, you're still you and from what I've seen in those texts he likes you! Just chill, he's hardly gonna stop being friends with you because you are always late... To everything? Becky chin up, I think I should be the one who's more nervous I've never met anyone tonight I'll only know you" I giggled and gave Becky her food. Maccas always cheers her up. After dinner there was a faint knock on the door which I don't think Becky heard because she was still on her twitter so I got up and looked at the clock, it was 7 pm exactly. "That must be Niall" I called out to Becky before opening the door.

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