Irresistable is about two teenage girls that go by the name of Becky and Olivia. They become very close to a WORLD FAMOUS boy band but two of them in particular. What could happen?


1. Chapter 1

Becky's point of view:

Did my alarm go off this morning? Ohh shit it did, about half an hour ago, fuck now I'm late, AGAIN.  Not a great start to my morning. I'm late for school, just another day I wish I could miss but no my mum is WAY too strict to let me skip, ugh.

Anyway, I'm Becky. I'm 17 years old and I still go to school, I have good friends a mixture of boys and girls and we never fall out. I suppose I could drop out of school but that wouldn't look good on my CV and I want to get somewhere in life so I need a good education. 

So yeah, I'm almost late for school and look a right mess speed walking down the street and to my luck I just have to trip. Damn, why am I so clumsy? Just a normal Wednesday morning for me I suppose. Thing is I wouldn't mind school, if it didn't consist of early mornings and pointless rules. I probably go to one of he strictest schools in the borough, not good for me at all. They have rules on everything from your hair colour to the length that your skirt has to be above your knee. I'm not a rebellious child until it comes to my appearance. I get in trouble a lot because of my hair colour, skirt length and shoes mainly. Due to my hair having to be "a natural colour " and mine isn't, it's cherry red. Also, my skirt has to be no more than 2 inches above the knee when mine is... Well I'm not too sure but don't get me wrong its not so short that you can see my arse. No way I'm not a slut, its just that it's probably about 4 + inches above my knee. Then there's my shoes which are plimsolls: practical, smart, black and comfy but I'm not allowed them so I have to have a "uniform slip", ugh silly rules, I mean seriously?! Oh and I'm late to pretty much literally EVERYTHING. Ohh well.  School starts at 8:30 am and finishes at 3 pm. Today is like most days, nothing new apart from the fact I have to stay to do media coursework after school until 5. It's such a demanding subject but I enjoy it so it's not that bad.

During media I got a text from Niall. Ohh yeah something else I forgot to mention, I'm friends with Niall Horan from one direction- except I've sort of known him for years because his family knew my family that live in Ireland and when I went over every year for my holidays, Niall would play with me because I was a sociable child and so was he (ha I don't know what went wrong I'm not like that now, I'm more socially awkward). Anyway back to Niall.

From Nialler<3 

Hey Becky, I know you are probably still doing media but text me when you are done and I'll come round and pick you up. The boys and I are back in London for a bit and I want you to meet them <3 love ya bubs,  Niall xx Oh ps I think it's a movie night tonight round mine so bring pjs and popcorn!! 

Ahw he's just so cute. Well seen as though I don't have classes tomorrow looks like movie night with the boys it is.

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