Bad Ones ( Sequel To Kidnapped By One Direction )

hey guys this is basically a ride on from my previous movella kidnapped by one direction if you havent read it yet i advise you do as it contains alot of info that will be included in this book.


2. Mr. Mop - Top

Kira's P.O.V


i lay down and closed my eyes. i kept having flashbacks to some boy with a brown mop top and emerald green eyes , Harry i think his name was, how do i remember him? 


I heard a click at the door as it creaked open. i shot up and expected to see the Irish boy but i sat  wide eyed, seeing that it was the boy in my mind. Brown mop top and green shiny eyes. I gawped my eyes practically bursting out of my skull, I shuffled to the back of the bed as he entered the room with the Irish boy, Niall i think he said his name was. I shuffled further and further back on the bed as they came closer to me one on each side of me. My head flicking between who to be more afraid of. 


Suddenly the soft duvet beneath me vanished and i landed on the floor with a great Clunk. The British boy ran over to me and helped me up i stood up and yanked my arm away from Harry with such force that i would have fallen on my ass again but Niall Caught me in him arms and i hugged him and buried my head into the crook of his neck. Niall stroked my hair giving me shivers and goose bumps. I wept softly, i dont know why Harry just made me feel frightened and depressed. I turned and faced him, Niall still cradling me in a tight hug, my eyes red from the stinging salty tears.

"That wasn't the reaction I hoped to get" The mysterious boy said with a grin, I looked up at Niall, tears still rolling slowly down my cheeks. He just glared at the other boy.

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