Bad Ones ( Sequel To Kidnapped By One Direction )

hey guys this is basically a ride on from my previous movella kidnapped by one direction if you havent read it yet i advise you do as it contains alot of info that will be included in this book.


1. Hello again.

Niall's P.O.V


i placed the mug on the counter and sauntered over to the door turning the knob and slowly allowing it to creak open, and gasped as i saw who it was.  I blinked thrice as fast as normal and slammed the door shut in his face. what was he doing here? did he know? if he did how did he find out?


I swallowed hard and reluctantly opened the door and spat out a few words ' hello... Harry '

He looked at the floor ' you still mad then ' 

' no of course not you tried to kill me ' i growled as he invited himself in my home

he chuckled as if i had said something funny ' yeah sorry 'bout that ' 

I glared at him ' you shot Kira and you think this is funny! '

he looked at me and tilted his shaggy mod top head at me. ' but you kidnapped her again after her recovery in hospital ' my eyes widened 

'how did you... ' i began as he then cut me off

' CCTV idiot i could tell it was you why would anyone else try to kidnap her ' he taunted i was ashamed of myself, i made it so easy to guess and if anyone else found out i would be in huge trouble, i tried to change the subject quickly as possible.


' so why are you here ' i pondered

' to get back whats rightfully mine ' he smiled

' dont you dare touch her or i swear to god... ' i threatened

' youll do what? i can tell the police that you kidnapped someone while they were in hospital ' Harry smiled as he saw the worry in my pupils

' dont worry i wont tell anyone, as long as you let me share her with you ' he offered 

i looked at the floor in regret and worry i had no choice if anyone finds out im screwed.

'deal?' he questioned holding out his hand for me to shake it.

i paused for a moment not knowing what to do, i then looked at the floor took his had and shook it. 'deal' i spat as he grinned, what had i gotten myself into again.

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